The Online Shop


Algoth's Grove Shop opened over Yule 2018. Since then we have grown exponentially and learned much from our amazing customers. Many of the items in the shop are hand made. We also make many items by order. Please note that our shop has moved to be online only.


If there is anything specific that you are looking for and you cannot find it in the shop, make sure to drop us an email:

Spiritual Consultations


Regardless of the questions that you may have or the troubles that you are facing, we can assist. Our readings use various methods including tea leaves, tarot, lenormand and oracle. We also provide a magical service which does not include placing harm on others. We believe that there is always a way through the light to accomplish what you wish to.

Algoth's Grove

The Teaching Coven


In 2020 Algoth and I have been motioned towards forming a teaching coven. From Beginner right through to High Priest and Priestess training. The course material within the coven is designed to take three years, however, this may differ for some people according to their own strengths. The correspondence course is also available, but you will need to show that you will apply yourself and do the work necessary.


We are taking on new members now, click below to apply.