Wormwood – A Witch’s Best Friend


Written by Algoth’s Grove


Absinthe, Old Woman, Crown for a King, Madderwort, Wormwot.

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Deities: Iris, Diana, Artemis
Powers: Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits


Wormwood, made famous by being one of the main ingredients in the alcoholic beverage, Absinthe. However, despite the million stories of madness and epic hallucinations, wormwood is one of the most resourceful plants known to the magical plant kingdom. Not only is it excellent in fighting heartburn, and much healthier than popping a few hundred Rennies, but it is also excellent at keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

Apart from the long list of medicinal uses, Wormwood is an almost all rounder plant for divination and love magick. Used extensively for scrying and divining, Wormwood is said to be the best choice of plant companion in communing with spirits that have passed. Due to its protective properties it also ensures that you are safe when doing your divination.

Medicinal Uses:

Treating worms
Insect bites
Topically used to treat wounds
Fevers and colds, as it increases sweating
Gallbladder disorders
Improves digestion
Rids one of fatigue and nausea
Treats insomnia
Increases appetite
Heals anaemia
Heals menstrual pains (WARNING: Do not take in any form whilst pregnant)
Eases migraines
Removes pain in general


Magical Uses:

Astral Projection
Love pockets
Use along with Mugwort to call up spirits who have passed on
Binding Magick
Increases psychic abilities
Protection Magic

On St. Luke’s Day, take marigold flowers, a sprig of marjoram, thyme, and a little Wormwood; dry them before a fire, rub them to powder; then sift it through a fine piece of lawn, and simmer it over a slow fire, adding a small quantity of virgin honey, and vinegar. Anoint yourself with this when you go to bed, saying the following lines three times, and you will dream of your partner “that is to be”:
“St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me,

In dreams let me my true-love see.”

~ An old love charm






Scott Cunningham – Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

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