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The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind in us, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the divine eternal parts, the senses and parts of the brain that have been ignored.

Zsuzsanna Budapest

Misunderstood and misinterpreted. The Dianic Traditions are thought to be a hateful feminist movement that abhors all masculinity. This could not be further from the truth.


The Dianic Tradition or Dianic Wicca Movement was founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the early 1970’s. The practices are largely drawn from Wiccan and Italian folk rituals. It is a movement where only a female deity is venerated or drawn into circle. There are no male gods in any of the true Dianic rituals.

Many of the covens have changed extensively with the largest split happening with a non-initiate of Zsuzsanna Budapest, Morgan McFarland. McFarland incorporated Zsuzsanna’s Dianic movement into her already all-female coven and then began inviting men to partake in the rituals and coven practices. Her husband was initiated into her coven, however, after their divorce he moved the Dianic practice along and here we find a split between original Dianic spirituality formed by Zsuzsanna Budapest and that of the McFarlands.

The Dianic Tradition, is a female mystery orientated, singular goddess worshipping movement. It does embrace the male mysteries and makes use of understanding the importance of men in a social life giving environment but this is not the sole focus. What must be understood is that the original tradition created by Budapest is a journey for the female. It was never meant to accentuate feminism or hatred, in fact it was meant to glorify the female in a time where the feminine aspect was being crushed and contorted into submission. There is a terrible stigma placed on Dianic methods, most of them stemming from covens initiated or branched off from the McFarlands, or from Ann ForFreedom.


A female is a goddess in her own rite. The feminine spirit needs to take the journey of the Goddess to find herself. It is not necessary to initiate into the journey of understanding the female mysteries and understanding her own purpose through the beauty and grace of the goddess by undermining or destroying the masculine. One of the most important points in the original Dianic Tradition is that there is a definite understanding of the masculine/feminine balance within each spirit.

The Dianic Movement is a graceful beauty filled with strength and wisdom of the Mother Goddess. She has no place in her awe-inspiring being to fuel her teachings with hatred of something which She Herself created and therefore, keeping that in mind, we must take note that those who walk the path of the Dianic Tradition are walking a path of self discovery and healing, not a path of hatred, anger, or destruction.

A quote taken from The official Dianic Tradition Website:

Practicing Dianic Witchcraft does not preclude any woman from also participating with males under the auspicies of other traditions. The Dianic tradition simply stated, is a pure recognition of that which is all-female by those who are women-born-women within the sacredness of divine Goddess worship. Seperatism of any kind has no foundation within the original Dianic tradition as founded by Z Budapest.


The Temple of Diana puts it like this:
The heart of the Dianic Wiccan tradition is Women’s Mysteries: the five blood mysteries of our birth, menarche, giving birth/lactation, menopause, and death. Contemporary Dianic rites of women’s mysteries also include other essential physical, emotional, and psychic passages that only women can experience by being born female in a patriarchal culture and becoming conscious about how growing up in that culture affects our daily lives and female identity. Dianic rituals celebrate the mythic cycle of the Goddess in the earth’s seasonal cycles of birth, death, and regeneration. Those cycles correspond and overlap with women’s own life-cycle transitions, and Dianics honor the Goddess in every woman through seasonal rituals. Our rites mark life passages and celebrate women’s ability to create life, sustain life, and return to the Goddess in death. Dianic seasonal themes are not based on an exclusively heterosexual fertility cycle, as other Wiccan traditions are, and therefore are inclusive of all women. From the beginning of its contemporary practice, the Dianic Wiccan tradition has also inspired rituals that are intended to help women heal from, and counter the effects of, misogynistic, patriarchal social institutions and religions.

A Fantastic Video from Zsuzsanna Budapest and woman speaking on the Goddess

Budapest, Zsuzsanna. The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries
Leland, Charles. Aradia, The Gospel of Witches

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