The Magick of The Magic Mirror


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?”

                                                                      – From Snow White

Mirrors have fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. In fact, there is not a single civilisation on this planet who has not had or currently has an eery tale or magical lore on the mirror. For witches, it is a fantastic scrying tool and to many, nothing really comes close to the art of scrying into a magick mirror. 

Magickal mirrors are also referred to as black mirrors. Today, a black mirror can really be anything with a black backing. A matt painted black mirror does just as well for many. You can also use a black bowl filled with water. However, a true magickal mirror was handcrafted from black obsidian and oval shaped, it had a sort of semi dent in it so that the practitioner could not really see their reflection and only the spirits who came through or the visions from their own mind. 

A scrying, magickal mirror is a blank canvass for the mind. The adept practitioner knows what visions are in the mind, but with the intense hustle and bustle of the mind, it becomes easier to view your visions and messages within a tool. The magickal mirror, or black mirror being one of the best scrying tools that there is. 

Communing with the dead is another story. For many centuries, from the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Chinese have believed that the mirror is a portal through which the dead can travel. Funnily enough, water is another medium and so a black bowl with water is excellent for communing with those that have passed on. 

Practicing scrying in a magickal mirror is never done without the correct form of protection. Below is a method of creating a magickal mirror and the method of protection if you intend on using these methods to connect with inner visions, outer messages or loved ones that have passed on. 

Communing with spirits always comes with an intense warning label attached to it. The spirit world does not function on the same laws as our physical plane. You do not have control over who or what comes through and only an adept practitioner of the occult arts understands methods of clearing a spirit before havoc can be caused. So, practice scrying with caution. Always protect yourself before practicing any form of divination, and always state your intention clearly. 

Making a magic mirror, or black mirror

In many circles it is common to use an actual mirror and paint it matt black, however you can use anything except metallic surfaces. Purchase or make a concave round object about 30cm in diameter. You want something large enough to project on. If you are using it for communing with the spirits, or passed on loved ones, then make it slightly bigger than 30cm in diameter. 

Next paint your surface on which you will be scrying black. It must not have marks or cracks or uneven bits in it. 

Then imbue your magick mirror with your choice of oils, we have added 3 here which are generally used:

Mugwort: For protection and psychic divining. 

Cinnamon & Sandalwood combined: Excellent protection and otherworldly door opening.

Frankincense: A wonderful oil for anointing any of your magical items. It is an extremely sacred oil. 

Now take your oils and rub them around the mirror, on the front, on the back, on the edges and so forth. Whilst you are doing this, repeat this chant:

“I bless you, I anoint you, I charge you with seeing beyond the veil. This mirror be mine, truth be mine, the sight be mine to see alone. I command what enters, what is shown and what is revealed. As I will, so mote it be.”

Your mirror can now be left under the light of the first full moon to ensure it is energised. After that make sure to always cover it in black silk or velvet cloth. It should never lie around, and your mirror should never be used by another witch, friend or person. 

Protecting yourself before scrying

Sea salt is best but any salt will really do. 

Lay down a circle of salt around the area that you will be scrying. 

Cast circle with your athame, wand or any other tool that you normally use. Once your circle is cast, you may scry in peace and know that you are protected. Always remember to state your intention clearly and keep your focus clear. 

The Art of Scrying

Clear your mind, relax your body and breathe in deeply three times. Let go of anything and everything beyond the circle. Now focus your intention. Allow that to be the only thing at the forefront of your mind. If you do not know what you are scrying for and simply wish to commune with your higher self, the Goddess, Gods, or have a message, then this is an intention in itself. Now, look into the black abyss and allow the void to grab hold of your physical eyes. The visions almost always show themselves approximately 1mm or a little more above the physical surface of the mirror. You will not necessarily see your visions with your physical eyes, you will almost always see them with your vision beyond, your third eye. 

Scrying takes practice and patience. The more you practice, the easier the visions will come. However, sometimes there is nothing to be seen. Do not get upset if you do not see anything. Do not curse the mirror. Simply end your time, close your sacred space and try again next time. 

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3 replies

  1. I paint my black mirro magic. I following the cnncept & ritual of black magic mirro everynight scrying. but no result. Can you see vision without 3eyes? Or how to tobecome spiritual 3eyer & see vision in my black mirro magic.?


    • Dear Terseer, it will take a lot of practice to see visions through scrying, whether using a black mirror, fire or by other means. Some people are naturally gifted to be able to see, but to practice, try visualising in your ‘minds eye’ which is in essence your imagination. Scrying is basically projecting what you see in your mind onto a surface in front of you. Use meditation and pathworkings to practice visualising and then move onto using the black mirror. Well done on making your own! Blessings of the purest light to you!



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