Cord Cutting – The How, The Why & The When


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Before independent life, the umbilical cord is cut,

During life, it is the spiritual umbilical cords that keep us holding on…”

– Anonymous

Each and every person that you come into contact with leaves residue on your auric energy system. Each and every sexual partner attaches a cord, and depending on the emotional attachment to that love affair, the cord can be thick and heavy. A mere friendship forms cords, a longer lasting friendship has intensely interwoven cords, sometimes there may be more than one, attached to a single person. Our parents are some of our biggest cords. Our worst enemies may be the biggest of all. 

What does all this etheric umbilical cord stuff mean?

Well, it means your energy is being leaked into thousands of different cords all day, and all night. It also means that you are picking up on energy that is not yours. It affects your moods, your emotions and your frame of mind constantly. Your energy is yours. A good witch knows how to contain their energy and maintain it, and it is for this reason that energy should not be leaking in or out for any reason except an intended way. 

Think of all the people throughout your life. The first few that crop up and give you a pang in your solar plexus, are usually the ones that have the deepest cords. If they are no longer in your life and are not serving your highest good then you need to perform a cord cutting. 

Think of the people in your life at the moment. Who does not serve your higher purpose? Who feels as though they are draining you? Do you simply wish that they were not in your life? Then you need to perform a cord cutting. 

Cord cutting also works for situations. Such as a job, a life circumstance or a ‘feeling stuck’ feeling. If you are in a situation that needs to be changed then a cord cutting is definitely in order. 

There are two ways listed here to do a cord cutting. They vary according to your preference. The second cord cutting can be done for multiple cords at once or a singular person. Remember the three laws of magick, FOCUS, WILL and INTENTION. With these three in order there is no reason why a spell, ritual or rite will not work. 

Mental Cleansing and Cord Cutting

Magickal Tools required: none.

It is a simple process followed over a period of three days. 

Find a quiet place and clear your mind. You should see a blank canvass in your mind’s eye. Now call to mind the person or situation that you wish to clear yourself from. See it clearly. Visualise them or the place in exactly the way that makes you feel something strongly. Bring up the emotion as strongly as you can. Crying is normal, just allow yourself to feel. 

Now repeat this chant three times with vigour and emotion:

“You have served your purpose, 

You have served your time,

I cut you from my life,

I give your being to the divine.”

On the third day the chant will be extended. 

“You have served your purpose, 

You have served your time,

I cut you from my life,

I give your being to the divine.

The cord now gone to ethereal dust,

My body healed and my emotions sealed,

My heart, my mind act in divine trust,

My aura is cleansed, my being and my energy field. 

I am cut free, balanced and sealed,

As I will so mote it be!”

Whilst seated, allow the person to drift into the ethereal dust. Allow your mind to bring up the blank canvass. Now do the shamanic breathe of release:

Breathe in deeply, hold it, hold the feeling of release, now breathe that breath out as hard and as powerfully as possible. Repeat it again and again until the time feels right. Almost everyone has an emotional feeling after this working, so allow yourself to be in the moment, and be elated, you have now successfully freed yourself.

Multiple Cord Cutting or Singular

This magickal working works best during a waning moon. 

Magickal tools required:



1 metre strings of different colours (the amount will depend on the amount of things you wish to release)

Square pieces of paper (the amount will depend on the amount of things you wish to release)


Consecrated water and salt

Twigs for a fire (Add a little fire starter or lighter fluid – Just please beware of the amount that you use)

A black candle 

Mphepho Smudge Stick or Sage

Inscribe your candle with this rune:








Now lay the sticks with the lighter fluid, or fire starter in your cauldron.

Light your candle and allow it to burn.

Create sacred space, and lay your tools in the centre. If you wish to invoke a deity or two then that is your choice. 

Now begin writing on your papers. Each paper will have a name of the person or place you are cutting off, and then on the other side the reasons why you are cutting them or it from your life. One paper per place, one paper per person. 

Now attach a coloured string to the paper and tie it to yourself. The cord must be around you and the paper side must be hanging from you. You can do them all around your waist if you want. 

Now stand and spin clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere, and anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Whilst spinning, (and do it slowly, so you do not fall over or become too dizzy to work with the fire) chant these words:

“Attached to me for far too long,

I honour and respect the journey we have had,

I honour and respect the lessons,

But I am done,

I want you gone!”

Now start the fire in your cauldron. 

Take your Boline, scissors or sharp instrument and cut the cord one by one from your waist.

With each one cut it and repeat this chant:

“I cut you, your energy and your being from my life.

I release you into the ethereal, I release you from me for all eternity.”

Now dip your fingers into the salt water and rub the consecrated salt water over your solar plexus chakra, and repeat these words:

“I heal the place where this cord has been cut. I heal my wounds, I heal my emotions, I heal my body, my mind and I heal my spirit. This point is now healed and sealed. So mote it be!”

Take the cord with the name and throw it into the flames. Take the candle and drip it onto the burning cord and paper, repeat these words:

“Banished and gone, cut off and free,

You are no longer attached to me,

As I will so mote it be!”

Now smudge yourself and your working are and see the energies lift up into the astral and be gone. 

Repeat these steps for every single cord cutting. At the end, snuff the candle and dispose of it and the remnants in the cauldron as far away from your home and area as possible. End your ritual as per normal. 

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