The Magickal Bay Laurel


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The Bay leaves are of as necessary use as any other in the garden or orchard, for they serve both for pleasure and profit, both for ornament and for use, both for honest civil uses and for physic, yea, both for the sick and the sound, both for the living and the dead; . . . so that from the cradle to the grave we still have use of it, we still have need of it.”

Parkinson, ‘Garden of Flowers’ (1629)

The Bay Laurel leaf. We have all seen it, we all know of it, but not everyone is aware of the astounding magickal and medicinal properties of this phenomenal leaf. Not  only is the Bay Laurel leaf excellent for prosperity magick, but it is a powerful cleanser of the home. It is said that the smoke from a Bay Laurel leaf travels straight to the intended spiritual recipient/s, carrying with it your dreams, your wishes and your spells. 

The story of Daphne, Apollo and the Bay Laurel transformation

There are quite a few versions of this tale, however the crux of the story ends in why the Bay Laurel is sacred to Apollo, or Lucifer. 

Once upon a time, Apollo and Eros were having a battle of skills. Like most men, each wanted to show off their archery skills and be the better man / archer. Apollo teased and mocked Eros for his smaller frame, teasingly saying that how could a man with such a small body change the hearts of men? Eros became infuriated and without thinking shot off two arrows. One was dipped in Gold and would cause a love so fierce that it would last for all eternity. The second arrow was dipped in lead and this would cause the persons heart to become dead to love. 

The first arrow hit Apollo straight in the chest. The second, lead tipped arrow hit Daphne. Daphne was the daughter of the river god Peneus. Apollo sought out Daphne, and chased after her. She ran, she hid and she was bitterly upset. It reached a point where she cried out for help. Her father Peneus heard her cry and quickly changed her into a Bay Laurel tree. Apollo fell to his knees in front of the Bay Laurel, weeping like a child. He broke a branch off and wore the leaves as a crown, swearing that for all eternity the Bay Laurel would be respected and venerated as one of the most sacred trees on all the earth. 

The medicinal uses of the Bay Laurel

Remember that the Bay Laurel that we speak of’s scientific name is Laurus Nobilis. There are a few that are highly poisonous and are not to be ingested under any circumstances. There is also a variant which is known as allspice and generally passed with the same culinary flavour as the Bay Laurel. 

Bay Laurel is used to combat pain, such as headaches and minor aches and pains in the body. It increases the appetite and is also used to combat flu and bronchitis or related respiratory infections. Bay Laurel is used externally to combat dandruff, bruises, sprains and it is also excellent at keeping all those nasty insects at bay. 

Beware of using Bay Laurel in aromatherapy as it is prone to causing minor skin irritations. 

The Magickal uses of the Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel leaves are used in almost every psychic vision quest or spell seeking clarity. It is used in dream pillows, in psychic brews, in energetic cleansing of any space, in banishing unwanted energies and spiritual entities, in love magick, for success and prosperity and for healing. 

On a scale of all the magickal plants, Bay Laurel is the one you definitely want in the pantry or altar kist if you have one. Now, before we get into doing spellwork. Remember the warnings, cautions and fine print. No spell, no matter how small or how big is ever done without the protection of a proper circle, invocation of the deities and protection or presence of the quarters or elementals. It is not wise to just perform magick for the heck of it either. A wise teacher said this once: “Magick, my dear, must always be your last resort. Just because you’re a witch in soul, doesn’t mean you’re not living a human life.” On that note, make sure that you have done everything in your power, physically to manifest what you need, then and only then do you call on the powers that be, and use the magickal tools that you know. 

Psychic dream pillow

It is said that the witches of old would drink a potent Bay Laurel tea and smoke it to enter into a vision quest where all the answers that they needed would be. If you are one to remember your dreams and wish for your questions to be answered then here is a little spell working to create a Bay Laurel psychic dream pillow. You can also simply place the leaves under the pillow and it too will bring answers, but some like a little extra. 

What you will need:

A pouch to fit all your goodies in, preferably purple, indigo or a dark blue.

A handful of Bay Laurel leaves

An amethyst crystal

3 drops of lavender oil

3 drops of patchouli oil

3 drops of sandalwood oil

A sprig of lavender 

A piece of Mica crystal

Now once you have all your ingredients ready, and you are in your protective circle its time to start your spellwork. A great deity to call for psychic dreams would be Cerridwen (The Bay Laurel is also sacred to her). Have your intention, focus and will ready, open your pouch and name each item when you place them in. After naming them, chant these words:

“…In dream state beyond the veil,

My every question, my every step will find clarity,

In dream state beyond the veil,

This dream pouch will assist me,

In dream state beyond the veil,

My answers will be remembered upon waking…”

Once you have added all your ingredients, knot the bag 3 times and then repeat the chant with the final closing words being,  “As I will so mote it be.”

Now place your psychic dream pillow beneath your cushion, or even under the bed where you are sleeping, make sure that you have a notebook and pen handy as the magickal dream state now awaits you. 

A simple but powerful prosperity spell

A simple spell working inside circle consists of a marker, and a bay leaf. More than one bay leaf is required if you have more than one wish, hope or need. It is wise to invoke Apollo for this working. 

Take your Bay leaf and write your wish on it. Example, Success in my current job. Then burn the bay leaf in your little cauldron and visualise how your life will be with your wish coming true.

Close your circle as normal. 

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