Oomancy Part 1 – Consulta con el Huevo

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Written by Algoth’s Grove

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. 

– Jonas Salk

This is a three part series, focusing on Oomancy, (Ovomancy or Ooscopy). For this article we will focus solely on the Hispanic tradition of cleansing (Limpia) through the use of the egg and warm water. 

The egg is an age old source of great wisdom, a cleanser of all negativity and a magickal tool in almost every single witchcraft tradition across the world. Eggs are in fact one of the magickal tools that are shared between all practitioners of the craft or old ways. Not only does the egg symbolise purity, rebirth, patience and growth but the egg is also an empathic tool. 

The egg when left in the home, will draw all negative energy into itself. It is more often that not a white egg that is used in all forms of Oomancy, however these days any egg goes. With the Limpia that we will be outlining below, only a white egg is traditionally used. Both the egg white and yellow are used in this divination and it is wise to use lukewarm water with your reading, it seems to assist in the eggs transformation. 

The Traditional art of Limpia using a white egg. 

What you will need:

The person that you are reading for

A white egg

A white plate or bowl that is large enough to hold a wine glass or transparent chalice

A wine glass or transparent chalice

A candle

Smudging stick (Mphepho for South Africans works great)

Holy water

This sort of reading is never done by someone who is not initiated into the craft or a Bruja, it is also never done on the Bruja himself/herself. 

Begin the reading by cleansing yourself. Use your own magickal incantations to smudge the space, cleanse your aura and then allow your client to be seated. 

Take the egg and begin charging the egg to the energy of the client. Allow it to run through the aura of the client, or person that you are reading for. If the client prefers not to be touched, circulate the egg slowly approximately 1mm – 5mm above their skin. Begin at the head and go down the arms, across the torso, down the legs and once at the feet rub the egg on the soles of their feet. Make sure that the egg has entered into every part of their energy field/aura. 

Once this is done, rub the egg in an anti-clockwise direction on their third eye. Please let your client understand that this process requires their trust and silence. That only you are speaking, chanting and speaking prayers. Visualise the negativity from the client coming into the egg and will the precise answers to be shown to you. 

Now lay the egg down on the white plate. Light the candle and fill your glass chalice 3/4 with lukewarm water. Now upon breaking the egg, do it gently and carefully, you do not want this to break on your floor or theirs. 

Allow the egg yolk to sit at the bottom and allow the signs and symbols to start appearing. This is where the vision of the adept comes in. Each adept knows an intuitive language and can interpret henceforth for the client. There is no factual rulebook that dictates what sign or symbol means what. However, there are many sources where you can find general meanings for things. It is always best to go with your intuition. Your intuition cannot steer you wrong. 

Once you have completed the reading. Take a pot of soil. Discard the egg in the soil. Take it far away and bury it deep in mother earth. Never allow the client to take their egg regardless of their beliefs or superstitions and never simply discard it on your property.

Please also note that the intuition is the master and everything can mean something different to everyone else. Keep the situation in mind and trust yourself. 

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