The Magick of Reading with The Ogham Staves



Written by Algoth’s Grove

“You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.”

– Saint Bernard


The ancient druidic Celts understood the language of the trees. They could speak the tongues of the rustling leaves and the reflection of light that fell upon their sacred grounds. They could see into the far off times beyond the confinements of man made rules. They knew the spirit of each and every stone, plant, tree and animal that walked their lands. They knew the gifts that each of the trees in their sacred groves gave, by name. They predicted the weather, predicted the cosmic movement of the stars and how the world was formed, and how it would fall and rise throughout the eons. 

This knowledge that they carried was used by hundreds and thousands of scholars afterword. Even Robert Graves shed light on his own findings and speculations that Tree Lore was used as calendars and secretive languages. The whole point of this article is not to speculate the history of the Ogham Staves, it is in fact to give you their original meanings and to teach you to read with them. 

When divining with any tool one must remember a fundamental law of magick that states intention. The Ogham Staves utilise the wisdom of the trees and their individual energies and gifts. If you find that you have a deep connection with trees and the Ogham is calling you to learn the wisdom that it holds, then this is what you follow. Regardless of the fact that the inscriptions themselves may or may not have been used by Christian monks, deviant scholars or Druids should not be effecting your decision to use them if you so feel the need to. 

An old and dear friend of mine used to divine with a rather odd assortment of buttons. They were the most interesting buttons I had ever laid eyes on and her readings were always absolutely spot on. So the origin and the history of the tool is not what makes the readings correct, but rather the connection that the practitioner has with his/her tools. At the end of the day their are thousands of theories and what if’s and maybe’s and when you’re done finding the root of your divining tool you could have in that time connected with them and imbued them and had them ready to read. 

So, let us get down to working with the undeniable magick of the trees. 

How to make your own set of Ogham Staves

It is important to take a day for each Stave. Either a day or a week to contemplate on the meaning and truly digest the entirety of each individual tree and its meaning. This way when you are done, you will have no need to refer to books, or doubt your own knowledge and feelings. When you meditate on the essence of each of the Ogham Staves, you will place their roots into your auric memories and they become part of who you are. The wisdom obtained will open your eyes to so much more than the stave itself. 

To begin you will need to collect 25 sticks of the same size and thickness. It does not really matter from which tree, it would be amazing if you could collect them from their specific trees but this is not always possible and the staves will not be the same size. Dowel sticks picked up at the hardware can also be used. 

Get a journal for your journeys, visions and findings. This is important and will help with the integration. Begin with any Ogham stave and research first on the tree, then on the various meanings of the staves, then meditate on the specific tree and write down exactly how you perceive its meaning. Once this is done use your boline, or a sharp instrument to carve the Ogham stave into the chosen stick. 

It is better to create them all in sacred space. Imbue them, consecrate them and bless them. Find a pouch that is suitable for the size and easy to throw or pull from. Three different readings will be outlined below. 

The meanings of the Ogham Staves.



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