Pyromancy, the Salamanders, and the Future

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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It’s in the embers of the soul that the universe lifts it’s head and speaks in the last breath of truth.”

– Anonymous

The fire is one of the most incredible places to drift away into the long forgotten magick’s of wizards, witches and lone wise-woman who could see into the hearts of men with a flick of a herb onto the flames. Pyromancy is said to be one of the most powerful yet most disregarded forms of scrying. 

Hailing from the Greek words, Pyros – Fire, and Manteia – Divination, Pyromancy is exactly that, divining in the fire. There are many forms of this divination and these we will list now:

Pyroscopy – 

Using a clean sheet of paper, set it alight on a clean white surface and divine from the markings left behind. 

Alomancy – 

Used in normal Pyromancy before a reading in rituals as well, it involves throwing a handful of salt onto the ritual fire and once the crackling ends, reading the fire. 

Capnomancy/Libanomancy – 

This is the art of reading the smoke that results from a ritual fire. 

Lychnoscopy – 

Using 4 candles, 3 placed in a triangle and a fourth in the middle was believed to only draw good spirits who would leave the fourth candle that would be the one to be read alone. The three candles were used as a deterrent during a reading. 

Botanomancy – 

Involving herbs thrown onto the ritual fire to induce specific readings and visions. Bay Laurel leaves were generally used for reading those who were believed to be under psychic attack. Vervain is another herb used to produce great readings. 

Pyromancy in general is thought to require the gift of clairvoyance. It is a method of scrying within whatever part of the flame that you see fit. The art itself can be learned, it can be practiced and it all starts with understanding the elemental spirits of fire, the Salamanders. 

The Salamanders are thought to be lizard like creatures that dance in the flames, between the coals and provide the practitioner with visions into the future and the past. However, to some they have been seen as human from the mid centre upward and their bottom halves completely engulfed in flames.They were also rumoured to float in orb like forms above the oceans finding full form on burning ships. There are countless other fire spirits that are found within an arms length of any ritual fire, but the Salamanders really rule the roost. 

Many a book will tell you that if the flame flickers, there is indecision, if you see a mask, there is an ugly tale brewing, if your candle goes out or dies down then you will have no luck in this reading. From experience, and from research, every meaning of divination has been formulated from the readers own intuition. If you intend to begin practicing any art of divination then start with a journal. Begin asking simple questions to which you know the answers too, see what comes up and what resembles what to you. 

When reading for someone else a crow may mean death to you, but it could mean a symbol of triumph or a sign that their Goddess is with them. Signs and symbols mean something different to everyone, and Pyromancy is one of the arts that really cannot be completely structured into what form means what. 

It is wise to begin working with the salamanders, fire elementals, if you intend on practicing Pyromancy. There is a intestinal stone called the Bezoar Stone which occurs in animals. It is said that taking one from a reptile, sleeping with it under your pillow after calling on the salamanders, will produce the beginning of your journey in your dreams.

The other route is a simple meditation by candlelight or firelight. 

A Call to The Elemental Spirits of Fire – The Salamanders

Begin your practice on the full moon, when energies are stronger. A fire works better but if you do not have a place to start a bonfire, or little fire, then a candle will work as well. Take your journal with and an offering for the salamanders. Bay Laurel, Dragons Blood, Ginger, Wormwood, Cinnamon, Cloves, Sage, and Marigold. 

Throw your offering into the flame and whilst doing this repeat this call. 

Elemental Spirits of Fire, I call thee…

Salamanders, keepers of the first flame, 

Guardians of the watchtowers of the South,

Hail to thee great spirits who roam the astral and the physical alike. 

I call thee now, take my offering as a bond to work hand in hand with your wisdom. 

Hail Salamanders, Hail to the elemental spirits of Fire,

Grant me the vision of_________in the flames before me. 

So mote it be!

Have a seat and patiently wait. Salamanders are the friendliest and more willing of the elementals to make contact so your waiting should not take long. Whatever you see begin to journal it. Sometimes though it is better to journal everything after you have finished your time with the elemental spirits. Remember that focus, will and intention are your keys to any magickal connection. 

Once you feel that the time is done, say thank you and bid the Salamanders farewell, leave another offering.

Please tell us about your experience with the fire elementals, and with Pyromancy in general. 

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