The Dark Moon & The Infinity Cutting


The Dark Moon & the infinity cutting


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“When the light of the moon illuminates not above the earth, then it is under the deepest, darkest richness of the purest abyss where ye shall find illumination.”

– Anonymous

The Dark Moon, a sacred time for both Chthonic Deities, Chthonic Workings and Divine Deities and Divine Workings as is the time of the Full Moon. However, the Dark Moon has its core working in banishing, transformational or journey work, cuttings and introspective contemplation. The Full Moon and the Dark Moon are both excellent times for scrying in your black mirror, in the embers of the fire, or using whichever form of divination that you see fit. 

Before we go into which crystals, herbs and deities are excellent for Dark Moon workings, we must clarify what the difference between the Dark Moon and the New Moon is:

The New Moon is mentioned on all lunar calendars and really falls over the time of the dark moon. A conventional astronomical calendar is not useful to the witch when attempting to find the time of the dark moon. This is why we watch her closely and usually plan our own calendars for our workings. The Dark Moon sits right between the waning and waxing phase of the moon. It may seem obvious but many have found an incredible confusion between the New Moon and the Dark Moon. It is also the time where the moon and the earth are lined up with the sun and therefore exhibits absolutely no illumination. For obvious reasons you will not see the dark moon in the night sky, regardless of this fact, the workings done during this time are as powerful during the day of the Dark Moon, or during the evening. 

The New Moon refers to the first sliver of light coming from the moon. The first phase of the waxing crescent and the workings that are practiced on a new moon should be completely different to the workings of a Dark Moon. The energies are different and as a practitioner of magick, so should your workings be. 

Aspects of the Dark Moon

Chthonic Deities are deities that have their roots in death, the underworld and/or the triple aspect of death, life and rebirth. These deities include but are not limited to:

The Morrighan, Badb in particular











Xipe Totec



Meng Po



Dis Pater

Crystals used to strengthen workings during any working of the Dark Moon:


Black Onyx

Black Obsidian

Black Moonstone

Smoky Quartz


Black Tourmaline



Herbs/Oils to be used to strengthen workings during any working of the Dark Moon:





Black Cohosh

Devils Claw


Bay Laurel

The Infinity Cutting Ritual 

Performed on the night of the Dark Moon

The infinity Cutting Ritual is a non-karmic finality. This means that if the universe so dictates that you will return into each others lives for a new karmic lesson then it will be so. In the case of a chord cutting, see our article here, it is a finality, and the person will not ever be entering your life again. The Infinity Cutting is a gentler, yet concise ritual which states, by intention that this person may not cause harm to you or yours ever again. It involves the laws of the bind and not of the banishing. 

What you will need:

1 piece of A4 paper

3 drops of Vervain

A pinch or bunch of Bay Laurel Leaves

A red pen/marker/paint (If using paint you need a brush 🙂

A cauldron if you making the fire indoors

A fire outside then obviously no cauldron

A pair of scissors

Take all your goodies into circle with you. Set up altar to your chosen Deity/Deities. You can use your own Patron Gods/Goddesses and do not need to use a Chthonic Deity at all. Remember this is all about focus, will and intention. 

Cast circle. 

Light your fire.

Invoke your chosen Deities. 

Seat yourself close to your fire/cauldron. Just not too close.

In your chosen pen/marker/paint draw the infinity sign, do it nice and big. 

Write your name in the right quadrant, and the name/names of the people whom you have chosen to be cut from in the left. 

Drop 3 drops of vervain on the sheet of paper and run your fingers tracing the infinity sign over and over until you feel that you are ready to do the cutting. Whilst running your fingers across the infinity sign remember everything that made the union between you and the person or people that you are cutting out of your life.

When you are ready stand with your paper over the flames, but do not let it catch fire. Hold your pair of scissors ready and as you repeat the chant, holding the side of the paper with your name on it in your hand, begin to cut slowly.

Repeat this chant:

“Our paths have crossed,

And now should part,

The lessons, the karma and the ill intent you have caused 

I now cut from my heart,

I cut you from my soul,

I cut off your ability to control,

To have any influence, or any matters of my name on your tongue,

I cut you___(insert the persons / people’s name/s)____off from my life for doing me wrong.”

Allow the paper with their name on it and the other half of the infinity sign to fall into the flames, whilst their paper burns, repeat this chant:

“I wish you well on your new journey,

I wish your change in light of your higher self,

I release your hold of me into the flames of resolve.”

Now take your piece of paper and throw it on top of the burning paper and repeat this chant:

“As the pain, the hurt, the raw feelings burn away,

We walk separate paths of our own,

As the smoke from our separation rises to join cosmic dance,

Only meeting in the lives to come to learn new lessons if the gods so condone,

This spell now done, I set you free,

As I will, So mote it Be!”

Throw your pinch of Bay Laurel Leaves on the fire to seal the spellwork. Immediately kill the fire and thank your deities and bid them farewell. 

Take down your circle. 

Your working is complete. 

Do not think about the working again. 


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