The Magick of Amethyst




Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Amethyst is the bridge across the veil, it is the quietude of the soul with the power to transcend its wearer into their full potential.” 

                                                                                        – Anonymous


To the Jews, Amethyst was Ahlamah, the 9th stone in the breastplate of the High Priests. To the Greeks it was a sobering stone to keep one on the straight and narrow. In the East it was used in remarkable trees of life and sacred statues. To the Egyptians it was listed in the Book of the Dead, and used in burials in the form of heart-shaped amulets.

It is known to be the stone of artists. The stone of creativity and its vibrations lift the spirit into a new inspired plateau where ingenious ideas may find footing. Every writer, painter, sculptor and creative spirit should be wearing amethyst or have it in the place where they create. Then again, its vibrational power does not only stop at the artists and creative people, for the business men and women, it allows for excellent communication skills. It allows its wearer to bring forth peaceful resolutions with incredible spiritually backed insight. 

Amethyst is like the best friend that everyone wishes they had by their side all the time. It calms the nerves, finds resolve to any battle and clears the air of unwanted negative energies. For those suffering from addictive personalities, addictions of any kind, amethyst is the stone to assist all into a safe space where the addictions are no longer something that causes them turmoil. In light of luck and prosperity, it was worn by gamblers, but instead of bringing them the luck that they thought they needed, it ended their gambling addiction and led them to a place where they were fortunate enough to not need the false hopes that gambling gave them.

It is also a stone belonging to lovers. Its vibrational frequency transcends lust into love. It burrows into the lovers souls and forges a long lasting spiritual connection which is coupled by understanding, patience, trust and a soulful union. It ends lovers quarrels and surrounds them with a purple aura of safety and security in each other. 

Amethyst is associated with seeing across the veil, it is used to activate the third eye / brow chakra at a comfortable pace for the user. Using it on the crown chakra and third eye simultaneously allows for a protective deep meditative journey into otherworlds. Amethyst, amongst being a protector, a guide and a spiritual mentor, is a stone of truth. It carries the keys to ancient truths and allows its wearer to find these doorways and slowly integrate them into our everyday lives. 

Divining by use of a dream pillow

What you will need:

1 x Amethyst Crystal (You place more than one if you wish)

1 x purple cloth or pouch (If you simply using a piece of cloth have a long piece of string to tie it together)

3 drops of Lavender Oil

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal (Choose one of medium size)

A sheet of paper

A red pen

Your dream Journal 

Write your question on your paper in the red pen. Fold it 3 times and whilst placing it in your pouch or in the centre of your cloth tell your mind that your question will be answered in your dream and you will remember it. Now rub the crystals with your lavender oil. And ask them each to provide a solution to your question on the dreamscape. Tie the cloth or drawstring pouch closed with three knots. Repeat this chant:

“On the dreamscape I will travel,

My answer will wait for me,

My mind when waking will remember still,

As the solution is clear,

So mote it be!”

Place your dream pillow under your bed, or cushion when you go to sleep. Keep your journal next to your bed and when you wake in the morning, write down everything you remember. If your solution is not apparent, keep it for three nights before clearing the dream pillow. Your answer will come! 

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