A Hot Cuppa Tasseography


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It’s in the details my dear, the truth lies deeply ingrained in the finest of the details.”

    – Anonymous

Tasseography, Tasseeomancy or Tassology is the art of divining by reading coffee grinds, tea leaves or even wine sediments left on the bottom of the cup. There are many people who believe in a small ritual before hand, but the real magick lies in the conversation whilst the cup is being held and the beverage consumed by the person in question. 

Originating in the East, Turkish coffee, or Arabica coffee beans that are ground, have been used for divination since the 17th century. A dark, strong brew that left its residue all around the cup, proved excellent for divining. Meanwhile, from the distant origins of reading with wax and other liquid to solid formations, came the spice trade from the east. With it came the most exotic tea’s, and with the aroma’s came a new way to read into the past, present and future. 

Both coffee and tea readings have evolved around the world in a parallel sense. Tea reading is 

Acclaimed to the west, bringing out some of the most elaborate designed tea cups and saucers specifically crafted for the art of divination. Both coffee and tea leaf readings use a similar method of divining:

Pour the coffee, or tea, in both there should be no straining involved. 

Ask the querent to have a seat and begin talking. The conversation does not need to be about the question in their heart but they do need to speak and hold the cup at all times. 

When they are finished. Take the cup from them and lay it face down on the saucer and speak for another 10 minutes or until you feel the energy is ready to be read. 

Turn the cup over and begin looking into their past, future and present.

Here are two common ways reading with Tasseography:

The cup is divided by the handle. Hold the cup with the handle between your forefinger and thumb. On the left is the negative, on the right is the positive. Towards the bottom of the cup is the distant future. Towards the rim is the present day.

Another way, which I find is a lot more sensible, is holding the cup again with the handle between your forefinger and thumb, everything located on the left is the past, everything on the right is the future. The handle itself, on the inside of the cup is the querent’s house or home, and the symbols located here influence them or their immediate family directly. Large symbols are more prevalent and hold greater importance, the smaller symbols are sometimes used together to create a story or an entire event leading up to a bigger symbol. 

Again, this is an intuitive practice. Divination uses the intuition and the symbolism is dependent on the reader not on the querent. However, for example, if you are reading and a heron appears and you have no direct meaning for the heron in your mind, heart and soul, then ask the querent what the heron means to them. You will be surprised how many times it is something quite evident in their lives. 

After the reading is done, wash the cup, cleanse the cup and clear it of the querent energies. In some cultures it is also custom to allow the querent to take the cup with them. However, if you’re practicing with specially made tasseography cups, this could work out to be an expensive form of divination. 

Last week we wrote about Pyromancy, the bottom line of all divination is intuition. It is staying calm, trusting the universe, trusting your higher self, and knowing out of confidence and divine connection that we are all connected. A former coven member asked me to teach him to see beyond the veil, and this question is something that baffles many practitioners of the craft. Many of us have seen since childhood, others have woken up one day and things just made sense. Yes, to have the gift of the sight, to be born with it, is indeed something rare, but intuition and the second sight is not something that cannot be learned or that is not available to everyone. We all have the sight. You just have to open your heart to see. 

We strongly believe in personal intuitive meanings when divining but some people have requested general meanings and so with this article we are placing some well known Tasseography meanings, again, remember the crow does not mean death and disaster to everyone. Happy Divining!

Generally accepted meanings in Tasseography:

Tasseography symbols

ACORN – at the top means success and gain: At the bottom means good health.
AIRCRAFT – journey; if broken means danger of accident; can also mean a rise in position
ANCHOR – rest, stability, constancy; at bottom means clouded, inconstancy
ANGEL – Good news on the way, someone is watching for your best interests
ANT – you are in industrious person, but there is more work ahead
APPLE – knowledge, achievement
AXE – difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties; someone near you may be planning to stab you in the back with lies, deceit
BABY – something new, pregnancy, small worries
BAG – a trap; if open, escape
BALL – completion, variable fortunes
BEAR – trouble ahead
BELL – harmonics, creation, spiritual, unexpected news; good if near the top, good news, wedding to be set
BIRD – there is a journey to be planned soon, will be pleasant and productive
BOAT – lifepath, (note size and speed of boat), and visit from a friend, protection
BOOK – you will find your answer by something written, if open it’s good news; if closed you need to investigate something
BUSH – new friends, opportunities, something growing in life
BUTTERFLY – transition, transformation, Butterfly Effect, fickleness
CABBAGE – jealousy; with dots, at work
CANDLE – sacred light, creational flame, help from others
CAP – trouble, take care
CAT – deceit, a false friend, Cat Headed Beings, keep eye on treacherous friend/relative
CHAIN – DNA, engagement, a wedding, chain link, karma
CHAIR – a guest
CIGAR – new friends
CIRCLE – success, completion; with a dot, a baby
CLOCK – alchemy of time and consciousness, better health
CLOUDS – trouble; with dots, many problems; if flecks scattered, troubles soon over, if solidly grouped, financial woes will soon materialize
COIN – change in financial status, money coming
COMB – an enemy
CROSS – protection, sacrifice, sacrifice
CUP – reward, blood lines
DAGGER – warning, danger from self or others, power, beware of recklessness
DISH – trouble at home
DOG – good friend, Sirius, celestial connotation, Egyptian god, Anubis; if at bottom, friend needs help
DOOR – opening (to something new) or closing (old issues and relations), spiritual (portal), odd event
DUCK – money coming
EGG – good omen, creation, new beginnings, sacred geometry
ELEPHANT – wisdom, strength, luck, Ganesh, trunk up indicates overcoming obstacles
ENVELOPE – message coming, positive or negative
EYE – creation – open (awakening) – closed (something not seen)
FACE – a change, may be a setback
FAN – hand held (pleats) – rotary (4, time divination, numerology), flirtation
FEATHER – ascension, lack of concentration
FENCE – limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent
FINGER – which finger, pointing in what direction, pointing to god; emphasizes whatever sign it points at
FIRE – sacred flame, at top achievement; at bottom danger of haste
FISH – good fortune
FLAG – denotes nationality, danger
FLOWERS – love or important honor may come to you
FLY – domestic annoyance, minor annoyance may become major problem, if not addressed immediately
FORK – speak with false tongue, false flattery
FORKED LINE – decision
FROG – be ready for dramatic change in life
FRUIT – fruitful, prosperity (depends on the fruit which goes to seeds and planting something new)
GATE – opportunity, future success, ancient civilization, portal, doorway
GLASS – integrity
GLOW – enlightenment, a challenge
GOAT – be careful of enemies
GUN – anger, sex, quarrels
HAMMER – hard work needed, getting a point across
HAND – creation, if open means friendship; if closed means an argument
HARP – creational harmonics, love, harmony
HAT – head, consciousness, improvement
HAWK –  jealousy
HEART – chakra, pleasure, love, trust, compassion, someone is there in whom you may confide.
HORSE – if galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover or nebula
HORSESHOE – good luck, attraction, Earth’s magnetics, Omega or Leo, closure, go ahead with your plans
HOUR GLASS – time running out, need to decide something, synchronicity, illusion, creation, take more time for decision
HOUSE – security, change, success
ICEBERG – danger, planetary meltdown, ice age, consciousness frozen in Time
INSECT – depends which one, problems are minor and easy to overcome
JEWELS – DNA, Pearls, Diamonds, gifts
KETTLE – any illness is minor
KITE – wishes coming true, flying free
KNIFE – broken friendship, hidden enemy, avoid misunderstandings with those close to you, Mind your health, beware of potential lawsuit
LADDER – promotion, a rise or fall in life, DNA
LAMP – turned on means enlightenment, at the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement
LEAF – new life
LETTER – news
LINES – if straight means progress; if wavy means uncertain path
LION – Leo, Omega, Closure, influential friends, strength, Zoroaster
LOOP – loops of time and creation, avoid impulsive actions, slinky effect
MAN – near handle, a visitor: clear and distinct, a dark person; vague, a light coloured person
MASK – something hidden, excitement, insecurity
MOUNTAIN – obstacles or a specific area, great goals, or difficulties
MOUSE – theft
NAIL – injustice, unfairness
NECKLACE – complete, admirers; if broken means danger of losing a lover
NEEDLE – recognition, admiration
OAK – health, long life, tree of life
OCTOPUS – danger, 8, infinity
OSTRICH – travel, not seeking a truth
OWL – gossip, scandal, aliens owl symbology
PALM TREE – success, honor, place were they grow
PARROT – repeating something, a twin, a journey, people talking and saying nothing
PIG – greed or prosperity
PISTOL – danger
PURSE – at top means profit; at bottom means loss
QUESTION MARK – need for caution
RABBIT – need for bravery, time and illusion
RAKE – watch details, planting seeks, reap what you sow
RAVEN – bad news, death that leads to new beginnings
RING – phone call, coming full circle, near the top means marriage or the offer of marriage; at bottom means long engagement; if broken means engagement broken off
ROSE – Rose bloodline, creation, flower of life, love, may be accompanied by a fragrance in the room, popularity
SAW – interference, tear apart, something viewed
SCALE – legal issues; if balanced means just result; if unbalanced means unjust result
SCISSORS – quarrels, possibly separation
SHEEP – good fortune
SHELL – good news, nautilus, golden ratio, sea of creation
SHELTER – danger of loss or ill-health
SHIP – worthwhile journey
SHOE – sole/soul, condition of shoe is important, transformation
SNAKE – DNA, wisdom, or if the snake is attacking, an enemy, a small misfortune may only slightly impede your plans for success, you shall overcome the effects
SPIDER – weaving together, reward at work
SPOON – generosity
STAR – health and happiness, hope, heavens, Isis and other goddesses, female energies,
SUN – happiness, success, power
SWORD – arguments
TABLE – social gatherings, outside the box
TENT – travel, cover, hidden truth
THIMBLE – changes at home
TORTOISE – criticism, usually beneficial, slow-moving, Turtle Island (Earth)
TOWER – disappointments
TREE – improvements, of life, creation, book of life, your life path
TRIANGLE – something unexpected, 3 in a relationship, pyramids, 3, third dimension
UMBRELLA – annoyances
URN – wealth and happiness
VASE – a friend needs help
VIOLIN – egotism
VOLCANO – harmful emotions
WAGON – a wedding, wagon wheels (wheels within wheels)
WASP – romantic problems
WATERFALL – prosperity
WHEEL – if complete means good fortune; if broken means disappointment
WINGS – messages
WOMAN – your great desire is for love and happy family life
WOLF – jealousy
YOKE – domination
ZEBRA – adventure, especially overseas, black and white



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