Fertility secrets from the plant kingdom


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“New life is seen everyday all around us, Mother Nature does not hide her secrets, she gives life, as she takes it, it is up to us to learn her recipes…”

The gift of life, the most precious beauty that science cannot replicate from nothing. Mother Nature still owns the recipe for the creation of the seed, but she does however share her bountiful blessings of fertility plants that will increase libido, balance hormones and bring health to the reproductive system. She does this for all her creatures, both men and women. In some cases it isn’t possible to reproduce, but in 99% of the cases, all that is needed is a little nudge from our plant spirits. 

We have researched extensively to bring you a list of herbs to assist you in your life-giving journey, even if you just want your sex drive back, these plants will help you reach your goals. Before we head into the exciting stuff, we have put a list of herbs to stay clear of if you are intending to fall pregnant. 

Plants that will prevent pregnancy

Black and Blue Cohosh



Dong Quai (Chinese Angelica)

Cotton Root Bark





Wild Carrot




Herbs to aid female fertility and pregnancy


Almonds are excellent for fertility. They provide a balance to the sexual hormones in both men and women, increase energy and are super high in Vitamin E. Almonds also reduce cervical mucus and lower the blood sugar levels which improves insulin resistance. 

Stinging Nettle 

This is the main ingredient in our pregnancy tea recipe. Nettle is the herb of choice when any sort of difficulty arises in conception. It is also safe once you have fallen pregnant and it is a great tea to drink whilst breastfeeding. Stinging Nettle is a woman’s tea.

Raspberry Leaves

What a plant! Apart from healing and preventing all sorts of female reproductive issues such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and haemorrhaging. It prevents miscarriages and really cleanses and reorders the female body to prepare for pregnancy. Raspberry leaf is another top of the list herb for women!

Red Clover

Red Clover is packed with magnesium and Calcium. It is single handedly one of the reasons that many women have eventually been successful in falling pregnant. Red Clover also balances the hormones and readies the body in its entirety for pregnancy to take place. 

Herbs to aid male virility


The mere scent of basil is said to stimulate the sexual antennae of both men and women. It has an incredible power to boost fertility as well as improve circulation. Use a drop of Basil oil on the inside of your wrist to attract the opposite sex. (This is an old wives tale, let us know if it works)

Horny Goat Weed

The story goes like this: One day a herder was tending his flock and came across this bush, he nibbled on the leaves and well… thats how the plant got its name. The botanical name is Epimedium and has also been called Rowdy Lamb Herb, Randy Beef Grass, and brain tonic of the immortals. It does have some side effects if overused such as rapid heartbeats, nosebleeds and dizziness, but the effects are few and far between. It isn’t only excellent for increasing the male libido, it is also fantastic for clearing out muscle spasms. 

Club Moss

Not only were various Club Mosses sacred and holy to the Celtic Druids, but according to ancient recipes, it was used in a tea to cure male erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, we do not have enough scientific evidence to list any side effects or whether or not this works. It is however been proven to treat bladder infections and so forth. 

Panax Ginseng (Red Korean Ginseng)

Panax Ginseng can be picked up at the Chinese stores for under R100. Not only is Red Korean Ginseng excellent for overall health, but in males it increases fertility, helps control depression, raises the flow of testosterone, combats cortisol (Stress hormone) increases the motility of sperm and the overall sperm count and it lifts the sex drive in women as well. Panax Ginseng is also said to prevent rapid ageing…

African Yohimbe

Not to be taken with antidepressants or heavy medication. Yohimbe or African Tree Bark increases the blood flow to both the masculine and feminine reproductive organs. The medicine in Yohimbe is not only used to bring back the sex drive in full swing, but is used for weight loss, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, exhaustion and athletic performance. Even though many sources do not warn against taking Yohimbe in conjunction with other medication, it should be monitored by a health professional. The supplements on the market should also be checked and sold by a trusted supplier. 

Recipe for fertility tea (Women)

Dried or fresh herbs can be used to make this tea. The quantities of measurement are in parts and so can be adjusted to the amount that you are making.

1 part stinging nettle

2 parts raspberry leaf

1 part red clover

1 part honey or sugar

4 parts hot water

Leave the herbs to steep for 2 – 3 minutes covered. Drain the liquid into a cup and drink. If you would like to make it cold and sip on it throughout the day, make a large batch and keep it in the fridge. You can leave the herbs in if you have a strainer in the pourer. Remember to make a new batch every two days. 

Recipe for Fertility and Potency Tea (Male)

3 part basil

1 part horny goat weed

2 part red Korean Ginseng 

Leave the herbs to steep for 2 – 3 minutes covered. Drain the liquid into a cup and drink half an hour to an hour before you intend to plant the seed of new life. 

Another great tip to conceive: This tip is an old witches grimoire secret and it involves making love on all 3 nights of the full moon. Waning Full, True full, Waxing Full. Place rose quartz under the bed and a handful of cowry shells in a circle around the rose quartz. 

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  1. Thank you so much I have try to have a baby but no luck

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    • In the light of the gods, I wish you on this waxing moon to bare a healthy beautiful child. Keep on believing and reach optimum health, especially with the tea recipe. Do not think of the failed attempts and keep affirming that you are welcoming in a new soul to this earth. May you be blessed my dear! So mote it be!


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