The Witch’s Cabinet: Herbs: Yarrow


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Flow on for ever, Yarrow Stream!

Fulfill thy pensive duty,

Well pleased that future Bards should chant

For simple hearts thy beauty”

                                            -William Wordsworth

Our Mother Earth has so many fabulous gifts in her green bosom and one of these incredible gifts is the Yarrow plant. Used since the beginning of time from the Middle East right through Europe, and now all over the globe. It can stop a nosebleed by plugging the bleeding nostril with a pressed / squished up yarrow leaf, however if you suffer from a tension headache and you need to release the tension, yarrow ointment rubbed on the temples may cause a nosebleed and relieve the pain.

Yarrow moves through the body, healing and fixing where its needed. It is almost as the plant spirit is a natural doctor within. It is absolutely excellent for colds and flu’s, it causes sweating and breaks fevers. It is safe to use with your children and the healing is potent but much gentler on their system than pharmaceutical medicines. It is said to be a women’s plant, bringing on your menstrual cycle if it is late. Please be warned if you are pregnant avoid using Yarrow internally or externally. You can keep a sachet of Yarrow next to your bed during labour to assist with the pain and ensure the process goes smoothly. It is also a great Witch’s charm to hang a sprig of Yarrow near the newborn infants bed, or in the windowsill of your kids bedrooms to ward off unwanted energies and spirits. 

Yarrow is excellent on bleeding wounds or sores and a poultice of the plant will stop the bleeding and promote faster healing. Its great to wash your hair in it to prevent balding, and even to stop haemorrhoids and lessen the pain from them. If you again apply the poultice of the plant on the affected area, drinking a tea made from the plant is also excellent for these sorts of afflictions. 

For the magical side, Yarrow is your plant protector. Use Yarrow in your protection bags, protection magic and of course all forms of divination. In Scotland, Yarrow was rubbed on the eyelids to enhance psychic vision and a tea made from Yarrow before doing any form of scrying or divination allows your mind to focus and opens the way across the veil far easier whilst protecting the diviner. Yarrow is governed by Venus and just so is used in all forms of love magick. By placing a sprig of Yarrow under your pillow, it is said that you will dream of your future husband or wife. If already with your life partner, place Yarrow around the bed to ensure that the relationship will be protected and long lasting. 

Yarrow, overall is one of the Witch’s Cabinet Herbs, it is a powerful magickal and powerful healing plant. It is the Witch’s best friend and an all encompassing plant that should be in every witch’s home. Remember to hang Yarrow in all the places that you wish to keep safe… Keep the love in the home, and go and hang some Yarrow in your windows. 

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