From the Algoths Grove BOS: The Witches Bag of Divining Secrets.

witches bag


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Inside you is every secret of the cosmos. Dear Child, if that rock over there feels like the big bold burning sun God, then so shall it be!” 

The Witch’s bag is a personal form of divination. It can be used as a lucky mojo bag, as a comforter and it can answer every question that your heart has to ask. It takes a while to construct, some witch’s take years before their Witch’s bag is completed but all the while it will serve as a treasure trove of meaningful objects. There is a very precise science behind the construction of the bag. Each item must be noted in your Book of Shadows and each item must feel completely right. A complete Witch’s Bag contains 13 items. 

The history behind this form of divination is cloudy and its exact origins are completely unknown, however it has been passed on by word of mouth more than anything and this is how we came to learn of this beautiful art. It is imperative that no other witch or person ever sees or touches your personal Witch’s bag. You cannot read for others but you can read about their influence within your own life. 

The Witch’s Bag is your Bag, its meant for your own growth, spiritually, mentally and in all other areas of your life. The Bag is according to legend, started when the neophyte begins on the path of the old ways and it should be ready by the time they have reached into their late 20’s. Many of us started this path late and so this piece of legend is not relevant but we can teach it to our children. 

Now lets get down to the exciting bit…

Construction of the Witches bag

What you will need:

Large piece of Velvet and string / or a medium sized Black Velvet drawstring bag

The objects

The Mind

Mind objects are 2-fold. One object must be made of stone, one object must be made of clay. The stone object is a decision that must be completely logical and without heart. It is set in stone so to speak. It cannot be altered and it can only be allowed to pass if it falls close to the heart object, in which case think with your heart. If it falls close to the soul it is for your higher purpose and so forth. The clay object means that a decision is needed but it is up to you to formulate it and create it into its most workable form. 

You can collect the stone mind object from anywhere when it is right. The clay mind must be made by you. 

The Body

Body objects are 2-fold. One must be made of bone, and the other must be made of fur or feather. The bone object will hold divination into sickness and health, depending on where it falls. The feather is movement and change that is physical in nature. If the feather were to fall side by side with the mind or the heart or the bone body object then a physical change is necessary.

The bone object can be from a chicken bone from your last meal after ritual or it can be picked up in the wild. The feather will fall in your path. 

 The Heart

Heart objects are 2-fold. One must be rose quartz to signify parental love or love for another like a friendship. The other should be made from a torn piece off old underwear. This is to signify sexual love and it must be your underwear not someone else’s. 

The Soul

Soul objects are three fold. One must be made from the oak, an acorn is perfect and signifies the soul that resides in the body. The second must be made from air or significant of the element and a incense cone works wonders. The third must be made from light. This is a tricky one but to conquer this witch’s conundrum wait for first light in the morning on a spiritual stroll and see which object catches the light and catches your eye. This signifies your highest being. 


Past object, you need only one. It must be a strong piece of your past, a picture scrunched up into a ball, a dice that your grandmother left you, a bead from a piece of jewellery that you loved. Anything but it must send your mind back in time.


Present objects are black and defined. A piece of coal is not a good idea as it spoils everything in the bag. A piece of black onyx is of course perfect, black obsidian or black tourmaline. 


Future objects are 2-fold. One is to be made from clear glass, clear crystal or plastic. It must be completely transparent and needs to have nothing connected to it. A glass vial works wonders but is easy to break in readings and that is never a good thing. So clear crystal quartz without markings is great. The second object must be made from white glass, crystal or plastic. It signifies the immediate future and should be milky or white. The first object is the distant future and can always be changed.

The Negative

The negative object is singular. It must make you feel sick to your stomach and have an energy of putrid irritation. It must encompass all things negative. Thrift stores or second hand shops are great for picking up putrid little items that you will hate. 

The Void

The void object is for the unknown or the not to be known at the moment. It is there as a strong feminine influence and always happens to land close to the feminine. If it falls in the area of the reading then it is best left to natural laws. Your knowing may influence it against your higher purpose and so the void is important to listen to. The object must be something that you have no idea what it belonged to. A piece of broken off something that you find and wonder now where does this fit in?

The Positive

The Positive Object must make you smile. Whatever it is, a small unicorn toy or a thumb print in clay from your kid, keep it small but keep it happy. 

The Feminine

The Feminine object is so complicated that its the hardest object in the bunch to find… (That is a joke.) Seriously, the feminine object must encompass everything that femininity means to you. It can be something from your loved one, but best not because if you separate the entire witch’s bag must be redone. More about that at the end. The feminine object depending on where it falls in the reading is significant of the approach that needs to be taken or the influence that is taking place. Always collect your feminine object at night and add it to the witch’s bag at night.

The Masculine

The Masculine object is to be collected in the day. It should be heavy and probably be the biggest weight in the bag. A brass anchor is an excellent piece. Just don’t make it too big. Always make sure that all your objects are more or less the same size. 


The Danger object is 2-fold. One object must be made from your fear or something that symbolises it. For example if you have arachnophobia then a spiders leg is excellent. DO NOT KILL A SPIDER FOR ITS LEG, the leg will come to you. If you kill a spider your bag will not work. The second object must be made from a past threat that caused you pain or trauma. This step is a painful one for many but once you are ready to add it to your witches bag, the healing has already begun.


The Chance object is a dice. It can be any dice, but it must have numbers and letters on it. It can be a strange playing dice for a board game, but both numbers and letters must appear on the dice. Can’t find one? Make one 🙂

Death or Ending

The Death or Ending object must be made from an object that has left your life. A piece of clothing from a loved one that has passed or something that is no longer with you and you know for definite will never be again. 

The other

The Other object is a little figurine of a person. Some legends speak of two others included into their bags which just makes sense. A male figure and a female figure. These can be clay figures, toys or whatever but if you are including two then make sure you can differentiate which is male and which one is female. The Other is outside influences. People who are in your life. 

The Heavenly Bodies

There are 7 Heavenly Bodies used in the Witches bag. Each one of them needs to be in your bag. They each signify something and for each one you need to collect an object that you associate with those properties. Making mini heavenly bodies from clay works perfectly. 

Jupiter – Abundance, Business, Wealth, Greed, Power, Politics, Leadership, Responsibility and growth. 

Mars – Medical conditions, Struggle, War, Competition, Strife, Anger, Ambition.

Mercury – Creativity, Intellect (especially when falling next to the stone mind), Wisdom, Memory, business, Writing.

Moon – The Soul, Children, Birth, pregnancy, sleep, feminine aspects, Intuition, imagination.

Saturn – Death, Debt, karma/karmic debt, history, discipline, structure, longevity. 

Sun – Growth, ego, masculinity, honour, pride, self-confidence, vitality, strength, superiors, money growth, promotions. 

Venus – Love, sexuality, pleasure, sensuality, luxury, friendship and harmony. 


The healing object is green in colour. It can be a crystal just please do not choose malachite as this is not a healing stone at all. It can also be anything that makes you feel at peace. Some have even placed little green jade buddhas in their witches bags. 

The Letters

The letters are usually made from wood blocks with writing. You can choose to place scrabble letters in your bag as well. Some have been rumoured to place runes or theban runes on crystal in their bags, this also helped only the witch to read the bag correctly. 

Now your bag is done. This may take months or years to complete but when it is done, it is one of the most accurate divining tools that you could ever get. Its meaning is based on your intuition. The placement and meanings of the objects are self explanatory, and the journey is yours. The Witches bag will never lead you astray and will always answer every question. Always listen to the Void though and if she falls then accept do not push for answers ever. 

When your bag is complete make sure to consecrate, bless and anoint it. Sleep with it under the bed for three full moons before reading with it. 

Happy Divining fellow witchlings! 

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