The Element of Water and her Undines



Written by Algoth’s Grove

“I woke in the dead of night greeted by a teardrop of emotion, surrounded by the soft feeling of drowning in a sorrow that I had long forgotten. Her wisdom embraced me as I felt myself descend into her darkness…”

Direction: West

Crystals: Chrysocolla, Coral, Opal, Pearl, Blue Tourmaline, Aquamarine

Plants: Belladonna, Lotus, Aloe Vera, Apple, Water Lilly, Water Mint

Heavenly Bodies: Moon, Venus

Colours: Blue, Grey, Silver

Tools: Chalice, Silver Bowl, Cauldron

Correspondences: Emotions, Healing, Rebirth, Regeneration, Change, Dreams, Divination, Cleansing, Feminine, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Receptivity, Maturity, Intuition, Spirituality, Compassion, Love, Grace


Every element is as great as the other. Each one requires you to walk hand in hand with it to fully understand its existence in the world outside of yourself and its existence within your own being. To work with the elements is to work with the cosmic belief of “…as within so without…” Water is the sustenance of all life. It is however not able to fully sustain us without the other 4 elements of spirit, fire, air and earth. The Pentagram when faced upward explores the balance of all 5. We lift our heads to spirit, finding the balance of water, earth, air and fire within our beings. This is the core goal of the first walk into witchcraft. Without this balance you cannot move forward without feeling wayward, directionless or lost. 

The walk of the elements is fundamental in understanding yourself and the world around you. Water, biologically speaking, makes up 70% of all that you are. It is the ebb and flow of your emotions, it is the bi-polar child’s best friend and worst enemy, when misunderstood. Water is the calm before the storm, but can be the inner calm through the storm if you work with her Undines. Undines are the elemental guardians of the spirit of water. They govern and are believed to exist in every drop across the universes. It is also said that the undines are the actual embodiment of water. 

Many have attempted to discredit the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, but his dedication and his years of work with water has shown some incredible results. He used various bottles of water and prayed over them with various religious prayers, he exposed water to different sorts of music, he even used simple words such as love, thank you, happiness and then of course the negatives such as I hate you… After enough exposure to these sounds or vibrational feelings, Dr. Emoto photographed the water crystal formations under a microscope and the changes in the water is something mind-blowing. We have added a video below for you to see his work.

Water is alive. Water is what keeps you alive and gives life to everything on this planet. We use water extensively in our rituals, in our prayers, in our life. It’s magnitude in our mere existence is so phenomenal that for us to ignore it and pass it by as something mundane is absolutely ridiculous. Humanity wants to run for the hills and greet the gods but it chooses to ignore the miracles that can be worked with and seen with our physical eyes right in front of us…

Working with water and the Undines requires patience. They are not the most outgoing creatures and happen to be rather shy. Funnily enough, water teaches patience and without it you will never come to meet and work with an Undine or what some refer to as a water nymph. They are not the same, but seem to from research have the same duty to water. Those who have used water to scry over years will perhaps have a tale of a sighting of an Undine, but if they believe that you are not ready or have not faced the feminine aspects of your being in full force then they will not show themselves to you, let alone allow you to work with them. 

Working with the element of water does come with a warning: You will face every current of emotional baggage that you have not dealt with, you will see yourself in a light that is pure and untarnished, that means the shadowy depths of the void that water exposes us to, as well as the most fragile parts of ourselves. When stepping through the door marked with the alchemical sign for water, shown below, on the astral, your mere intention will begin the process on the physical. Lifetimes of hidden sorrow and forgotten joy will come to the fore. It is important to, when choosing to undertake the door, to leave a gift of water plants, crystals and a silver bowl of fresh water under or next to your bed each night. A combination of pearl and belladonna is a special combination and will stand you in good stead with the undines. Before travelling, ask them to guide you, ask from your heart, and utter your words of compassion and love for the journey that you are undertaking. 

Remember that water dispels the anger, she calms the spirit, but before she allows you to gently ride the current of a pure life, she will send you through the rapids of inner turmoil, she will drown you and she will leave you in her womb of watery fear and darkness until you are cleansed throughout. Once you have completed the door and awake to a full moon where you acknowledge yourself as a finite essence of all life, then you will know that you have completed the journey of the door of the element of water.


Alchemical Sign of Water



A call to the Undines

A silver bowl of fresh water

A water crystal

A water plant

A piece of blue paper with the alchemical sign for water inscribed on it

One blue candle and one white candle

Your boline

Pack the stones, plants, around the silver bowl of water. With your boline, Inscribe the sign of the Goddess on the white candle. Inscribe the sign of water on the blue one. Place them next to the bowl. Now begin the chant below and repeat it until you feel ready. When you do, drop the blue piece of paper with the sigil onto the water and allow it to sink to the bottom. You may scry in the water, write down anything that you feel, see or experience in your book of mirrors. 

Undines, My heart calls to thee,

Compassionately receive my divine plea…

Guardians of Water, 

I wish you to work with me,

Through me, within me,

Allow me to enter the astral depths where you dwell,

Teach me and carry me safely through the rampant swell,

I wish to learn, 

I wish to know, 

I wish to balance 

and to grow.

Guardians of water, guardians of my ebb and flow,

Undines I beseech thee,

If thou will, come to me!


Dr. Emoto’s Work

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