Herbal First Aid for the whole family

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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Your garden is filled with medicine, and you spend hundreds of thousands on pharmaceuticals, when Mother Nature gives you her bosom of medicine with love.”

Information is at our fingertips. We need only make the move to research and learn to look after our families in the healthiest ways possible. Not everyone is a doctor, but Mother Nature shows us how to be healers and her medicine only costs love and care… and of course the seeds or plants if we choose to grow our own medicines. If you really look around most of your essential oils and carrier oils are not as expensive as they seem to be. 

There are multiple ways to administer the medicinal plants, tinctures and how to make them can be found in the article on Medicinal & Magickal Tinctures that we published late May, you can find it here. Then there are ointments for sprains, headaches, fevers, wounds and burns. One extremely important thing when beginning your Herbal First Aid collection is write EVERYTHING down. Trying to remember everything is not going to happen and may cause a hospital trip. Always do extensive research on your herbs of choice. For example, Poinsettia is found in almost everyones gardens, and is excellent for fevers, headaches, milk production in lactating mothers, fevers but is extremely poisonous to pregnant women and in large doses causes blindness in a study on rats. 

There are a thousand alternatives to every medicinal plant. Rather pick the safest herb and when creating medicine rather use a combination of two safe plants than one plant that has extreme side effects but is more potent. Another example is the use of Belladonna. Even though it is one of my most beloved plants, I would never dare feed it to my little ones. The simple fact that one mistake on my part could allow them to sleep and not wake, rather pushes me to give them Chamomile which is far safer and the side effects are almost non-existent. 

So let us get down to the safest, most effective list of herbs that are safe for the entire family. 

WARNINGS: If you are ever unsure, do a test on the inside of the upper arm. Rub the tincture or ointment there and leave for 24 hours to see if an allergic reaction occurs. If it does do not use the herb. If your baby is younger than 6months do not give them any herbal remedies without the consultation of a Doctor. When in doubt throw it out! Never ever administer any medication if you have any doubt about what you are doing. 

Echinacea – 

Echinacea is a must-have in your home. It is a powerful all round healer and immune booster. It relieves pain, relieves headaches and brings fevers down. It is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral. Its one of the best cures for the common cold and used as an ointment can heal cold sores and those slow healing wounds. Its not the easiest plant to grow, but growing your own, and creating a tincture and an ointment and keeping it in the house is definitely one of the most rewarding experience, not to mention the most cost effective. 

Chamomile – 

Chamomile is the all round nerve calmer. Chamomile in tea calms the kids before bed and when they feel overwhelmed or stressed after school, a cup of chamomile just makes them feel all fuzzy, warm and happy. Chamomile used as an ointment and combined with 10 drops of lavender rubbed on the temples is also a great stress reliever and a wonderful end-of-day habit to let go of all the stresses during the day. 

Stinging Nettle – 

Stinging Nettle sorts out all urinary infections or problems. Its a powerful anti-inflammatory plant and can be used in an ointment to help with asthma. For men with problems concerning potency and prostate problems, drinking a tea or using a tincture combining Stinging Nettle and Basil will sort out even the worst of problems. Stinging Nettle is also brilliant for women attempting to fall pregnant. Stinging Nettle is also incredible as the main ingredient in Gout ointment. 

St. John’s Wort – 

St. John’s Wort is the most beloved anti-depressant of the entire plant kingdom. However, he comes with a warning. If you are on any medication do not touch St. John’s Wort as it blocks any other medicinal plants or medicines from being taken up by the body. A lovely ointment for a kiddo that has sadness on occasion is a blend of St. Johns Wort, Lavender and Melissa, rubbed on the temples before sleeping will make them feel all better, thats of course if the chamomile seems to not do the trick. 

Mullein – 

The leaves and flowers of the plant are used to create medicines. Mullein is the go-to-herbal-remedy for coughs, colds, ear aches, and sore throats. It is smoked to relieve hay fever and asthma, and tinctures can be used for tooth ache and ear ache. It is a powerful pain reliever and an ointment made solely from mullein can be used on the temples and back of the neck to relieve migraines. Do not ingest the seeds of the Mullein plant as these are toxic. 

Fennel – 

Fennel is a mothers best friend, after giving birth, and giving to a colic baby. Please make sure you do your homework and ask a doctor for the exact dosage for the size of your child. In both men and women it revs up the sex drive, and is excellent as an ointment for back ache. In old witchy tales it speaks of fennel being the witches best friend, and cures heartburn as well. In babies and adults who suffer from IBS fennel is one of the best remedies for expelling excess gas from the stomach. Combined with Echinacea and Lemon Verbena you have a powerful immune booster. Fennel also helps in an ointment for eye swelling infections and styes. Fennel does increase the heart rate so keep that in mind. 

Lemon Verbena – 

Lemon Verbena is easy to grow and its an excellent fever reducing plant. It assists in reducing inflammation, assists with weight loss by regulating the appetite and eliminates mucus and phlegm on the chest. The tea is absolutely delicious when mixed with a teaspoon of honey, and also reduces anxiety. Its safe for the whole family and really one of those pleasant herbs that must be in your home. 

Yarrow – Please read our article on Yarrow here.

If you have any herbal remedies that you believe should be added to the list make sure to add it into the comments so that everyone can benefit! 

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