The Art of the Pendulum

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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Within your subconscious lies the key to the origin of the first breathe, it is this key that the pendulum art uses to unlock the mysteries of the universe.”

The pendulum is a favoured art of those who begin on the road of divination. Many witches and practitioners of the occult find the pendulum that works with them first time round and keep it forever, others first work through an array of pendulums before finding the one that fits them. Others may have a selection of pendulums. One for personal use, another for divining for others, or specifically used for finding lost objects etc.

The pendulums origin is clouded in mystery but stretches as far back as the Han Dynasty in China. Beyond that we have the Italian Gypsies who wore their pendulums as necklaces and would be able to use their tool of divination always. There was a fear of persecution and the seemingly simple object worn as a necklace would prevent anyone knowing that they were practicing the devils art. Dowsing for water and precious metals and divination by pendulum originated around the same time. Both dowsing and pendulum divination adopt the use of the collective consciousness.

It is believed that we all originate from a singular divine energy. Our souls come to experience through lifetimes of incarnations on this world and others and every tear you shed, every experience you have becomes part of the knowledge of the collective unconscious. It is this knowledge that we draw on when making use of the art of divining with the pendulum. You already know everything, and have access to every piece of knowledge in existence, both on the material plane and on the astral. When you understand this, your understanding of the importance of the relationship between you and your pendulum becomes clear. 

Choosing your pendulum

Pendulums can be made of anything really. I met a guy once whose pendulum was self-made from 9 tiny sculpted soap stones on fishing wire. The pendulum worked for him and the relationship he had with it was undoubtedly steadfast. If you are buying your pendulum, it will feel right or you will be drawn to purchase it. A gift of a pendulum is always great and then you really know that it was meant to come to you. Pendulums can be made of metals, wood, stone, crystal or anything that utilises the balance perfectly. The strong or chain on which the pendulum is held usually contains a counterbalance or a tiny object to hold within the palm of the hand. However this is not important and you will find the way to hold your pendulum.

So now you have your pendulum, now what?

Once you have made, purchased or been given your pendulum, it is time to cleanse it. Cleansing your pendulum through the elements is important and thorough. Many choose to leave it in the windowsill or outside under the full moon to charge it after cleansing. Once it is cleansed you need to forge the relationship or bond. Choose an empowering oil and sit with your pendulum in your power hand. Whilst imbuing the oils onto the pendulum chant these words:

“Oh creature of divination,

I imbue thee to work with me in unison,

I charge thee to wake and work with me as one,

Always bring truth ,

As I will, so it is done.”

Now hold your pendulum as you feel comfortable in your power hand, resting your elbow on a solid surface so that your hand does not shake. Ask your pendulum to show you yes. Wait for its response, it may be left to right or circular or front to back. This part is tricky because it is really different for every practitioner. You will know which way your pendulum swings for yes or no. if the pendulum goes wayward then this is an unanswered question or a maybe. After you have its directions then you may proceed to ask it further questions. 

It is wise to keep a pendulum journal or write your findings in your book of mirrors if you don’t wish to start a separate journal. The art of the pendulum takes time to get the hang of. Remember all divination arts require patience and concentration. The reason that we do not mention the pendulum mat such as the one used in the video below, its because some practitioners find that their pendulum does not follow the same motions. 

Happy Divining!

A video on the art of the pendulum from the White Witch Parlour

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