Take back your Strength, protect yourself!


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Protection is always at hand, you need only close your eyes and put on the armour of your Gods.” No man can outwit the archangels unless he himself be an archangel.”

This article was written especially in light of a special christian woman with a child who is facing abuse from an ex husband on his visitations to their child. Please keep her in mind and send loving healing energy to her that his heart may change or that he may be kept at bay so that she may find joy and peace. Please also take a moment to think of all the people out their who suffer at the hands of abusive people… let us bring peace to the world. Remember something, if you do just one thing today, be kind.

The world around us has changed. There is so much peace to be found, but so much unnecessary aggression, hatred and megalomania surrounding us that we are forced to perform shielding and protection everyday of our lives. Many of us have been through a hijacking and are now forced to walk out of the door armed. South Africa is especially rife with alleyways of hellish danger and poverty stricken individuals that have had no choice but to turn to crime. What concerns me the most is the fear that we have found lurking in many people. It is not the fear of being hijacked that is on the rise but the fear that women in particular carry from abusive husbands or ex husbands. 

I am lucky to now have a peaceful relationship where there is not a single stitch of abuse or pain, but I too have walked the road of abuse and hell. It is because I have walked this road and know that there is an exit from the hells that we face that I bring you this article so that you too can shield yourself and find that sacred space where your God may give you what He/She has intended for you. 

Let me start with this statement: No human being deserves any form of abuse. You are worth the happiness, joy and peace that you desire. No human being deserves to live in constant fear, confusion or under any form of constant threat, ever! It is imperative that your first step in moving toward a place of peace and sanctity is to understand that you do not deserve the hell in which you are living at the moment, whatever that hell may be. Everything teaches us lessons. Everything in our life shows us something that will help us in the future but every human also has a breaking point. Sadly, it is only when some reach this breaking point that they force a change from the universe. This is what we call magic. It is that moment where you call from your souls innermost core for help and the universe listens… she always does. The Gods are never silent, spirit helpers like the angels are never more than a breath away and you have enough guidance and assistance around you when you need it. 

Angels are not fluffy little winged creatures, not when they appear to us on the physical and not when you are faced with their presence on the astral. Their sheer size alone defies our understanding of space and time, their strength and wisdom outwits any man and their ability to protect, defend and heal is unmatched by any human. Mothers with children are especially favoured by the angelic realm and no women with her child should be abused or be in constant fear of any man or being. Archangel Michael is an age-old protector, he defends all who call to him. He is the protector of the meek and mild, he is the defender of children and mothers, he is mentioned in every religious text of the monotheistic religions and he is contained in all spiritual workings around the world. His name translates to “He who is like God.” You need only call to him and he will be there to protect you. Further down in the article we have added a prayer that you can use to call him. There is also a video with a prayer contained in it from Eileen Anglin who runs the Path of The White Rose. 

Beyond calling the gods, the angels or spirit helpers, we can help ourselves constantly. We call it shielding. There are hundreds of ways to perform shielding and many people have different methods, however the following is a combination of ideas that we have found works both on the physical as well on the astral. When shielding on the astral you are preventing any form of psychic attack from harming you. 


We will publish a full article on shielding in the coming weeks, this is a simple exercise to begin if you have not done this before. 

Sit cross legged in a quiet place. Take three deep shamanic breaths (deep breath in, hold for three counts and blow out as hard as you can). Now place your focus on your Solar Plexus. Your solar plexus, shown in the image below, glows a brilliant yellow gold. If you find that you cannot see this, bring in God light from the top of your head through your crown chakra, also shown in the figure below. If this is your first time envisioning a working such as this, then simply use your imagination. After all is is the intention that holds the power in everything. Bring your solar plexus to glow brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger, until it is moving across your entire body, once it has surrounded your being let it envelop your child/ren or those you wish to protect as well, then surround it with what you believe to be the strongest metal or material in the world. Place a thick layer of for wet. Steel around this golden light so that you and those you are protecting are encased in it. Around that place a purple, indigo smoke. All layers should be thick and definite. You need to perform this everyday. The indigo smoke is what renders you invisible on the astral. This simple yet effective shielding is necessary. 

However, if you are not ready for energy workings then prayer is just as effective. Below are three prayers to use for protection. 

The Hail Mary

The Hail Mary has served thousands of women in their hour of need. The prayer itself carries such immense power that many christian pagans swear by it.

Hail Mary full of Grace, The Lord is with thee,

Blessed art thou and blessed art the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Hail Mary full of Grace, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

The Unedited Lords Prayer in Aramaic.

It took an insane amount of research to find these words. The original unedited prayer that Yeshua (Jesus) himself prayed. The prayer that he prayed did not call on only a heavenly father but a heavenly mother as well. Sadly, we have lost so much knowledge due to political structuring of the people. This prayer though, prayed before bed time is extremely powerful and are the exact words prayed by Yeshua himself. The pronunciation is in Italics alongside the prayer.

“Abwoon d’bwishmaya (Ahbwoon deebushmaya)

Yeet Kadesh Shmaach (YeetKahdesh Shahmacgh)

Titayl Malchutach (Teetayal Mahlchootacgh)

Di Herr Utach (DeeHair Ootacgh)

Echmada Bwooshmaya (Aircghmaadaa Bushmaya)

Keen af Berr Ah (Keenaff bearah)

Lachmada merr ah (Lacghmaadaa Merr aah)

Ablan Yu Maden Ama Chra (Aahblaan You Maadehn Amah cghra)

Ushpaklan Chabain (ooshpaklahn cghaybaiyn)

Echmad af Shibaklan Chaibain (Aircghmaahd af Sheebahklahn Cghaybaiyn)

De Alta Heilun inisioonah (Dee Ultah Hayluhn Inisigh-you-nah)

Elaut Sailan Min Bishah, (Airlah oot Sigh-lahn Meen-bee-shah)


Prayer to call on Archangel Michael (Pronounced Micghaa-yel)

When doing this prayer light a candle for the angel. Leave an offering amethyst or sugilite, or purple flowers if you wish of respect and gratitude. Do not be alarmed if you catch sight of him or if he comes to visit you in your dreams. 

“Michael! Michael! Michael!

Wise archangel, being of light,

I call upon you now to make all wrongs, right. 

Holy Creature of the heavens,

Powerful being I ask for protection. 

Enshroud me ___(and whomever else you wish to place in your prayer)__ in your purple robe of glory,

Remove the obstacles, replace the fear with strength,

Guard me, surround me, and bring me to safety. 

Keep my spirit safe, guard my person well,

I ask that you bring justice and righteousness into the place where I dwell. 

Let no heart of ill intent set its eyes on me,

Bring peace, bring light, bring sanctity!

Mighty archangel Michael, be with me!



The Prayer from Eileen Anglin to Archangel Michael. 

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