The Beauty & Magick of Moonstone


Written by Algoths Grove

“The purity contained in this single stone heals, empowers, shields and takes you on journeys beyond the flesh… It comforts and guards you, whilst giving you eyes to see beyond the veils of man.”

Moonstone is not simply beautifully exquisite, its powerful and a guardian in its own rite. For over 2000 years this crystal has been held in high esteem, from the romans, through India, and now across the entire world. Moonstone may belong to a feminine universe, but it does not belong only to women. It strengthens, aligns and balances the feminine aspect of all creatures and therefore is a beloved stone to women who are going through physical changes from maiden to mother or mother to crone. In men it provides them with the feminine balance to their masculinity, which in Witchcraft is one of the most important balances to find on the path. 

Moonstone is highly regarded as a gift of long lasting love. In India it is still given to this day as a precious gift to the betrothed. If you are having difficulty in finding love, wearing moonstone or keeping it on your person will align you on the path to the one that is meant to be with you. Moonstone will not only bring you love but it removes the carnal aspect of love, it secures a spiritual bonded love and when two lovers bless their moonstones together and wear them, it is said that they will never be parted. Moonstone is a crystal of the crown chakra, it is especially valuable to the psychic or fortuneteller. If you are a witch who uses the sight, Moonstone will clear the visions and lead you to pin point situations much easier. 

Moonstone is also useful to provide prophetic dreams. Placing the moonstone, especially rainbow moonstone, under your pillow (With your book and pen next to the bed to record your dreams) will help you to navigate the dreamscape and return with valuable information. If you wish to have answers on another person, place a paper with the persons name written in red ink wrapped around the moonstone under your pillow. It may take three nights to receive the entire message, unless you are already well versed on the dreamscape. 

For those that are going travelling, moonstone is the companion that you want. She will guide you and protect you from harm. Moonstone is one of the greatest crystals to ensure safe travelling especially in the evening. Besides being a travel companion, moonstone is also a fantastic companion for those imparting knowledge to others. Educators and healers who carry moonstone on their person have a guidance from the crystal kingdom that formulates the best way to impart knowledge and healing which will best serve the person or people that they are communicating with. 

Moonstone does come with a warning though: She will rock your world. Imagine a whole filing cabinets papers of all your years of experiences scattered all over the place… Moonstone refiles everything and puts it all in place. In fact she is so good at organising that Moonstone given to the elderly will delay the ageing process and disintegration of the mind. She’s the organiser, the balancer, the protector and the ultimate guide of the crystal kingdom. 

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