The Art of Dreaming

art of dreaming

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“More than half of our lives are spent on the dreamscape. It is sad to imagine that more than a third of the population never take full advantage of the wisdom gained from this vast and magical reality.”


The dreamscape, the magickal universe of the breath of the first consciousness. Many people dismiss dreaming as something as natural as breathing, which it is, but just like with breath, they do not know of the infinite wisdom that lies therein. After reading this article, we hope that if you have not already acquired a dream journal that you do so, and keep it by your bedside, jotting the wisdom from your hours of sleep in it every morning without fail.


Dreaming happens during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. According to research REM sleep happens only 90 minutes after you have fallen asleep. The first stage of REM sleep in a typically normal sleeping pattern lasts for 10 minutes and is shown by a quickening of the heart rate. This first stage of dreaming is hardly ever recalled once waking unless you are woken prematurely. The reason for dreaming has baffled scientists and continues to do so. On a scientific level it is believed that sleep itself is necessary for biological processes to take place. In a study done on mice, sleep deprivation caused rapid cell damage and inevitable death within weeks.


Most mammals experience REM sleep and therefore are believed to experience dreaming. The mammal that is the closest in comparison to the human experience of dreaming is surprisingly the opossum and the armadillo, with the dolphin following shortly behind them. Beyond the scientific and biological facts on sleeping and dreaming, the spiritual and religious history is most fascinating. From Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung we have enough volumes and works to explore the mind and landscape of the dreaming human and what it all means. Everything though, is simple theory. Not one hypothesis written on dreaming is set in stone and dreaming in itself is perhaps one of the greatest enigmas known to man.


Dreaming has been the source of many great feats throughout history. One of the most well known cases of dream use to heal humanity is the case of Edgar Casey. He would heal through speaking in his sleep. The healings that he performed through sleep and the visions and psychic messages were described as being otherworldly. There are dozens of theories on how he managed to find healing and masterful cures through the dreamscape, no one will ever really know what the truth is behind the exceptional healings done by Edgar Cayce.


Psychic dreamers are another enigma. Sleeping with an object from the person in question under the bed or pillow of the psychic dreamer will allow them to retrace the footsteps, and in some extraordinary cases have been able to locate missing persons, or solve murders and crimes. The only theory that fits in without subscribing to religious confinement is that all knowledge is available to all humans. That every single mind when entering a certain level of consciousness taps into the universal web of what we call God/s. At the core of this theory lies the belief of all existence belonging to the same energetic vibration of life which runs on love, compassion and experience. This theory also removes the entire existence of what we know to be ego or singular identity. Another way to explain it is that we are all simply lucid dreaming in the mind of God.


Lucid dreaming is waking during sleep. It is a heightened awareness during the REM stage of sleep where the dreamer is fully conscious, yet still asleep. A competent lucid dreamer is able to manipulate their surroundings at will. The lucid dreamer is able to learn new things never before experienced on the physical and return with the knowledge as if they had performed these studies in reality. The Lucid dreaming landscape walks hand in hand with that of the astral and when you have successfully mastered either of them, it is possible to astral travel into a lucid landscape and it is even more frequently experienced when lucid dreaming onto the astral.


The body is such a confining shell and we have spent centuries concentrating on this physical reality that we have not even begun to dive into the awe-inspiring depths of the dreamer and the astral projector.


There are a thousand branches to explore when you decide to venture onto the dreamscape, to begin…


Find yourself a thickish notebook with plain paper and a trusty pen or two. Begin by writing down even the smallest memory of your dreams when you wake up. After about two months you will start to remember entire scenes, names, places and people.


See you in the dreamscape.



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