The Tarot, The Oracle & Lenormand



Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It is not the card or the pictures, it is not the game from whence it comes that you are playing, but instead the game between the psyche, the intuitive core and the soul who you seek to answer.”


The Tarot has been around for longer than we have actual evidence for. It arrived in Europe in the mid-15th Century. It was allegedly first used as a game, which can still be played. The card game is known as Tarrocchini and/or French Tarot. It is generally accepted that the Tarot came from Egypt and arrived with different names for the suit cards. To understand the history of The Oracle Decks, we need to first meet the woman behind what is known as The Lenormand Deck: Marie Anne Adelaide Le Normand. She was one of the most prominent fortune tellers of her time. She utilised many methods of reading including numerology, tarot, palmistry, egg whites, and coffee grinds. It is after her death that a card deck containing 52 cards plus two significators was printed for public use and adopted the name Lenormand deck, after her wisdom and insight. It is from this that the oracle decks grew.

It is safe to surmise that The Oracle, The Tarot, as well as Lenormand Decks are precisely the same, the only difference is the simplicity. Lenormand Decks offer the most precise readings as there are fewer cards with concise meanings attached to them. Oracle Decks differ in difficulty and are completely dependent on the creators of the specific decks, this is also apparent for many Tarot decks these days and not many follow a strict Rider-Waite formality.

This article though is not for concentrating on the history and origins of the cards that you are called to read with, it is written purely to explain the core essence of doing a reading and what it involves. Divination by any means is connecting to the universal consciousness and bringing forth that connection into the reading. Whether you are using a bunch of sticks marked with symbols from your own creation, a coffee cup or a deck of cards, the principle is the same. The difference with reading the Tarot, Oracle or Lenormand, are the laws. It is imperative that you spend a long-time learning, practicing and absorbing the laws so that you are able to translate the wisdom of universal consciousness into the reading in front of you.

Tapping into the life of someone sitting in front of you is not something which a tarot deck does. It is you that is doing the tapping, digging, understanding and explaining. It is you that facilitates the magick behind a reading, including the psychological study of your querant. Cards are simply a tool by which you show what is happening in their mind. The large group of believers in ‘anyone is fit to become a tarot reader’ is ridiculous. Reading for another soul holds immense responsibility on your part and if you are doing it to get rich or charge exorbitant rates for email or whatsapp readings then be prepared to hold the karmic debt that this affords.

You need to have covered a large amount of life lessons, understand your own psyche and then begin to read for yourself for a long period of time before reading for others. The cards require you to absorb and digest the images, symbols and messages in the decks that you are using in order to use them properly and not lead another soul down a path that could cause serious destruction to them. So, before you leap into reading for the world, begin reading for you. Another peculiar thing is that the cards are not for everyone. It is nice to encounter it once in your life, but for many it stays right there, for others it becomes a natural tool to utilise their abilities and gifts of intuitive insight into others.

If you have a calling to read the cards, decide on whether you would like to pursue the Tarot, An Oracle Deck or a Lenormand Deck. After you have purchased your deck, begin to practice with some of the spreads below. If you cannot see the writing on the picture below please download the spread here: Tarot Spreads.

tarot spreads


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