Magnesite – Magnifying your Divine Connection


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Magnesite in hand, desire in heart,

Wisdom in the mind to follow your most fulfilling path…”


Magnesite is not the most popular crystal amongst alternative paths, and yet it should be. With it’s brain-like look, Magnesite does so much more than calm the mind. It balances the heart chakra and stimulates happiness within the wearer. It’s ability to provide a safe energy to facilitate self-love is especially strong. If you are having problems with taking yourself into account and always doing things for other people, then Magnesite is the crystal to carry! Not only does it facilitate self-love, self-esteem and self-importance, but Magnesite allows for you to channel your love into places where it is deserved and opens your eyes to those who do not deserve your time and effort.

The heart-mind channel is one of the most difficult channels within us to master. Some think with their head far too much, ignoring the messages of the heart and others are far too soft, never listening to logic and get trampled over and hurt time and time again. Magnesite balances this logic-emotion channel and allows for you to have a far more satisfying experience in your dealings with those around you. It will shield you from the outside world and provide insight into the people who you encounter.

The crystal itself is not aesthetically pleasing and has been sold as white turquoise but it is not. Its high magnesium content helps to facilitate healing of migraines, bodily ailments regarding bones and teeth and muscle cramps. It is an Aries stone. It brings Aries into their heart and balances the mind. It is also the one crystal you need to accurately translate the messages brought through by your spirit guides. It helps you to work with spirit in a calm and focused manner and rids the false messages that can sometimes seep through. It gives your spiritual work direction and guidance into your highest good. It formulates the pathway toward your life’s purpose.

Above all the heart chakra and all the love, Magnesite lovingly opens and balances the crown chakra and the third eye. Magnesite is known for its ability to provide psychic strength to its wearer. Not only psychic strength, but strengthen the psychic abilities of the wearer. If you do any form of magickal work, Magnesite should be by your side; If you do any form of fortune-telling, Magnesite should be by your side. If you have any dealings with the Divine, then it is Magnesite that should be by your side!


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