Spirit Animals – The Rat


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The most cunning of all the guides, the most resilient and resourceful, is the rat. Make sure you call on him when you in a tight spot, and remember your soul is your only limit.”

The rat is a feared and misunderstood creature. Small but masterful in every way that you can think of. One of the most surprising traits of the rat is kindness. Kindness to its own kind. Laboratory studies have shown that a rat would first help free its fellow rat before eating the food presented, even when it was chocolate chips. Rat energy is kindness but also cunning and witty. Rat energy warns us always to be prepared for any challenge and to feed off the opportunities that every moment presents us. Rat energy also teaches us to let go of what does not work for our higher purpose and move forward on the path to enlightenment.

Rats are present in almost every single culture across the globe. They are either feared or venerated, eaten or treated with disgust. In India, The Temple of Rats allows followers of Ma Durga to eat alongside these creatures and they are fed cream and food is placed out for them each day. There are 20,000 of these creatures roaming around the temple, and are believed to be reincarnated descendants of Karni Mata, who herself was believed to be an incarnation of Ma Durga herself. Across North Africa, China, Vietnam and even some American states, Rat is a delicacy. However, in other areas of the world, the rat is seen as a pest and killed at the first chance.

In the Celtic traditions, to see a rat in a vision would be regarded as misfortunate, unless the rat was snow white. If you were to find an item that had been chewed by a rat, then great sadness would befall that place. The rat though, in its universal spiritual form is nothing short of an excellent business companion. The rat is called on to assist in any new business venture to help source new partnerships and forge long-lasting relationships. The rat energy is invoked when you need strength and your wits about you and a rat amulet is an excellent charm to walk into important meetings with.

Beyond the rat’s business brilliance, it is also a bringer of ambition, inspiration and creativity. The rat energy releases writers and artists blocks, it opens doorways into areas that you feel you are stuck in. If there is any animal in the entire cosmos that can and will assist you in finding a solution to any problem, be it monetary, love or other, it is the rat. The rat is also an incredibly social creature and with that comes its incredible kindness. It teaches us to share but also to set our boundaries and not to allow anything or anyone that is not worthy of our space and time to trample over us. It teaches us when to scurry away and when to remain put and persevere.

Rat is called when you need to make decisions. The rat spirit guide will come in dreams, it will scurry across your path on an arbitrary day when you’re not thinking about looking for a sign and that is when you need to take notice of what this spirit guide is telling you. If the rat is your totem animal or spirit guide, then you are an extremely resourceful and social person. If not, then you need to start listening to the messages that the rat is trying to bring into your life. Remember that being opportunistic and living with continuous energy in the moment can sometimes hurt others. Rat energy teaches us to take the bull by the horns, but it teaches us not to ever hurt a soul, even when you believe that they deserve it.

The rat is also a great symbol of fertility and expanding one’s horizons and ones domain on this plane and in the spirit world. Always reaching for more, the rat believes in consuming everything in its path. It is love and survival of the self-first, without harming those around you. The rat energy will always find an alternative route regardless of the circumstance and situation.

If you are faced with rat energy in your dreams, in a vision, or in your daily life, take a minute to stop and think why rat has appeared to you. Are you working to hard and forgetting your home life? Balance is key. Are you maybe not working hard enough? Is there a fork in the road, or a block that you cannot seem to rid yourself of? If so then have a meditation session and call forth the energy of the rat, ask rat to guide you onto the path that will lead to where you want to go and rat energy will always be there to assist you, chocolate chips or not.



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  1. Such a beautiful and informative post! We do often steer away from certain animals we might not think are cute enough – or tough / brave enough for our spirit animals. I love pondering all of these wonderful qualities of the wise little rat. Sharon


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