Chakra Series: Swadhisthana – The Sacral Chakra


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The emotional ebb and flow, the pulsating rise of passion and the joy of attaining authenticity from the soul beckons to you from the orange rivers of Swadhisthana…”

Colour: Orange

Mantra: VAM

Number of Lotus Petals: 6

Organs: Taste, Immune System

Gland: Adrenal

Crystals: Sunstone, Orange Agate, Carnelian, Amber, Coral,

Oils: Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Clary Sage, Orange, Neroli, Lavender

Symbols: Water, Rivers, Lakes, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Birth, Abundance, Creativity, Sexuality, Authenticity, The female Triangle, the crescent moon showing upward. 

Find something you love to eat…

Go outside and have a seat in Mother Earth’s bosom…

Begin to eat…

How do you feel in this very second? How does this particular thing make you feel?

Do you feel guilty if its something like a chocolate? Why? Guilt is not natural and if you want that chocolate… Eat it.

Feel Mother Earth beneath you… Feel the elements around you… Feel who you are in this moment… absolutely perfect, authentic in the moment…

This is the Sacral Chakra’s experience, this is the lesson.



Authenticity ALWAYS!

Authenticity. This is the core of the Svadhisthana. Living to your true potential through the emotional ebb and flow. Living consciously throughout every single moment and embracing it with the full acceptance of what it is. Svadhisthana teaches you to remove the mask that the entire world has forced upon humanity. It teaches us to accept and work with everything that we are in line with our highest purpose. Be Authentic. Be you. Be all of who you are. This requirement from Svadhisthana comes with a disclaimer though, Be you but never do it in light of another’s pain.

Svadhisthana or the Sacral Chakra is the dance of emotions. It is a dance that begins early in life when we first become attached to our parents and see them as different entities. The Sacral Chakra then awakens completely and either begins spinning correctly or starts collecting sexual hangups on an emotional level, at the age of around 14 – 16. It all depends on what our relationships and experiences offer at this age and before it. The emotional rise and fall of an abused individual is almost non-existent and their sacral chakra is a dirty orange, like rusted water. If the emotional baggage of any trauma for that matter is not dealt with then this is how the persons Sacral Chakra will continue to look and functionality will be from extreme anger or complete shutdown. Someone suffering from these sorts of traumas will either become overly flirtatious, sexually deviant or not sexual or emotional at all. They will be a closed book and almost robotic in nature.

The Sacral Chakra is also the feminine dance of the wild woman. It is everything feminine in the universe. The Root Chakra being the masculine counterpart, the Sacral Chakra is the feeling void of moment to moment experience, vibrance, sensuality, passion and pleasure. It is the cosmic movement of inspiration, creativity, birth and miraculous beauty. It is the dance that moves everything and gives life its meaning.

A healthy Svadhisthana is this vibrant creative dance. It spins and each cycle allows a flow of orange vibrant energy through the other chakras, bringing emotional balance and the beauty of feeling into every experience. Interestingly enough, the Sacral Chakra is also the seat of the Dan Tien, the Chinese energy powerhouse. Located 3 or 4 fingers below the navel and 3 or 4 fingers inwards. Svadhisthana needs to run at a healthy pace for you to function in light of your highest potential. If Svadhisthana is dirty or murky, you will feel detached from who and what you are, you will be faced with sexual issues with your own body or be extremely judgemental of others looks, you will feel tired and uninspired. On the flip side, if you have a healthy Sacral Chakra, you will feel energised, awakened and creatively bursting from the seams, you will revel in the magical being that you are and each moment whether it be sad or joyous will contain a meaningful message in it.

Everyone is seeking a better life, a happier place to exist in, their purpose and their way, the Sacral Chakra is the root of this yearning as well as the answer to the desire. Being completely immersed in the beauty of you is the lesson of this Chakra. This is Authenticity in every possible manifestation of the word. If you feel something the acknowledge it. Crying is not for babies, or for women! Let it out if you need to, and if the feeling is there, then you need to. Allow yourself to feel. Never, ever beat yourself up about feeling anything. If you feel something for someone, it’s your feeling. It is not wrong, it is not right, it is. It is yours, so own it. Own who and what you are, and this is the exact pathway to balancing this Chakra.

If a memory pops into your head and you felt a certain way 5 years ago, but do not feel the same way now, own it. The Sacral Chakra dances in the ebb and flow of change, it’s biggest rival is stagnation, emotions are not stagnant things, they are ever changing, they burst and then they fade, they rise and then they fall or they glow brighter and brighter. Some things are meant to fade out of your life so that you can allow the greater ones in. The lesson is to authentically own everything that you feel. You are perfect in every single way. Every bounce of your atomic structure is perfect. So why not see the beauty and perfection in your emotional makeup?

When doing any work to balance your sacral chakra, print the picture or Yantra of  Svadhisthana below and stare at it for a while, then close your eyes and see it in your mind’s eye whilst vibrating the Mantra VAM.


A healing Mantra Video vibrating the seed sound for Svadhisthana can be found here.

A fantastic guided meditation can be found here.

An excellent guided Yoga and affirmation video can be found here.

~Remember… Authenticity Always!~


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