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Written by Algoth’s Grove

Lavandula officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia

“The magic contained in these purple flowers has not even been touched on yet, and we already have an entire plethora of medicinal uses…”

Many people know Lavender to be the herb of calm. This is one of its strongest and most well-known benefits, but this beautifully aromatic plant has so many more medicinal benefits, one of them being the treatment of Diabetes type 2 as well as using it in the treatment of Dementia. It is believed that Lavender slows down the nervous system and in doing so, promotes calming and mild sedative affects.

Lavender is excellent in your bath to relax at the end of a hard day, especially if you have an added headache. Lavender used as a tea, or 2 – 3 drops of essential oil in your bath will do the trick! Mixing Lavender and Chamomile is one of the most wonderful sleep tea’s in the world, and it tastes wonderful! Lavender is a wonderful medicine in treating colds, flu’s, asthma, chronic coughing and relaxes the lungs and soothes the body…

Lavender is also one of the gentlest medicines in treating abdominal problems. It eases nausea, heals indigestion and treats diarrhoea as well as boosting appetites if needed. It is generally a safe herb, however giving it to children orally has shown to cause breast development in boys and therefore is not recommended.

Making an ointment of Tea Tree and Lavender is a phenomenal medicine to have in your medicine bag to treat insect bites and wounds. If you suffer from halitosis or general icky breath then using lavender as a mouth wash will dispel all signs of bad breath and keep you smelling awesome the entire day.

Using it in an ointment to massage on your temples will alleviate both intense migraines as well as headaches caused by stress and tension.

Here is an excellent video on the benefits of Lavender

Below is a poster you can use to remind you of all the Lavender properties

Lavender poster download

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