The Sorcery behind the Snake


The sorcery behind the snake


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Hissssstory carries tales that delve into every corner of the psyche, in fact there is no part of our cultures that have been unscathed by the presence of the snake.”

A snake uses its tongue to smell. It guards fiercely that which is its own space and its reptilian nature has fascinated the lore from every corner of this world. The snake sheds its skin, leaving the old self behind, it emerges a brighter bigger self, and even this fact gave humans the understanding of transformation, rebirth and renewal. The snake taught the human psyche about its own snake medicine, that every human has the ability to renew their lives no matter where you are in this life, no matter how old you are. It taught the human that it did not have to smell with their nose just because everyone else did… it could sense with intuition.

The snake was first and foremost the incarnation of Gods and Goddesses, it was the fiercest protector of temples across the world and it ruled both the heavenly tales as well as those born from the ground, in fact the snake conquered tales of the sea as well. There is not a single culture on this planet that does not contain some aspect of the serpent, the reptilian, the slit eyed independent creature of the void and of the light…

Beyond being a protector and a fierce guardian, the snake is the destroyer of illusion. Snake medicine teaches us to pull back the wool that is pulled over our eyes daily by mass media, by mass hysteria, by religious fanaticism and by the sheep mentality. Snake medicine teaches us to follow our own instinct, follow our own inner power and move through the world by acting and not by reacting. The snake forces disillusionment from the psyche and brings forth a hardcore truth that cannot be argued with.

It teaches us to take a good hard look at ourselves, every aspect, the good, the bad and the beautiful. It teaches us that if there is something about ourselves that is not serving our higher good, that is not part of who we are, that we are to shed this untruth. You are not a run of the mill, in fact what is so ridiculous about the word normal that snake medicine teaches us, is that there is no such thing as normal, there is no such thing as run of the mill… only on the outside, and that outside face is an untruth and must be shed if you are to move onward in your own power.

You are a powerful being with talents, gifts, and purpose. This is the way of the snake. It does not make an excuse for why it moves through the grasslands, it makes no excuse for its own power. You come into contact with a snake on your path and you will move, the snake does not ask forgiveness for this presence, it just is who and what it is. The snake wishes to be where it is, and you will move out of the way. Oblige and the snake will not harm you, attempt to invade its personal space and it will bite. Each person has this personal space, this power that should not be changed, should not be tarnished and when hurt, every person will eventually be pushed to bite. Snake medicine teaches us to step confidently into this power without reaction to bite, but action to mark our boundaries.

Snake medicine is also the healing balanced flow of energy. It is seen in the caduceus, in the ouroboros, in the kundalini and so many other cultures as the sexual movement toward enlightenment. It begins by a grounded force of physical desire and yearning and moves toward a spiritual understanding and presence shed of all human need. However, as mentioned in many of our blogs, if we never climb the first rung of the ladder successfully, how do we ever expect to reach the top? Sexual understanding and complete acceptance of what and who we are and what we desire is another lesson important on the path of working with Snake Medicine. Closet cases are not the work of snake medicine. Snake medicine rips you from your denial and wakes you into your own reality of self-understanding and acceptance. Love the self-first, understand the self-first and above all accept who and what you are in your entirety. In saying this, never ever do it to the extent of harming another being or creature unless it is in self-defence. The snake shows us this power acceptance and eating ones fill by its own act of completely swallowing its prey whole and digesting it over a period of time. If you are to walk this planet, then walk it in wholeness and filled with your own being, your own identity, your own desires and your own power.

Monotheism marked Snake Medicine with the knowledge and power of God, it then turned and forced an evil hand over this creature for being as powerfully acknowledged across the world as it was. The Snake did not mind, because Snake Medicine is not only all light, in fact its ability to deviously stalk and catch its prey is almost second to none. It has a stealth that if mastered for good can protect and guide the soul through this world without being scathed and destroyed. It is a selfish medicine. It shows us how to be a powerful tool, it shows us how to conquer and be undefeated, shedding and shrugging off the old and moving into the new effortlessly. It shows us that this world is an illusion of the mind, it shows us that this world is simply a school filled with lessons, the sooner you accept Snake Medicine, the sooner you can step into accepting your path, your truth and then grow and learn to shed it and grow even stronger.




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