Chakra Series: Anahata – The Heart Chakra

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Written by Algoth’s Grove

Colour: Pink / Green

Mantra: YAM

Number of Lotus Petals: 12

Organs: Cardiac System, Lungs, Hands

Senses: Touch

Gland: Thymus

Crystals: Green Jade, Rose Quartz, Unakite, Peridot, Lepidolite, Chrysocolla

Oils: Jasmine, Melissa, Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

Symbols: Six Pointed Star (Hexagram), Blue Lotus, Crescent Moon, Black Antelope,

Go outside…

Have a seat on the grass, or the bare soil…

Place your hands palms facing downward on the earth…

Close your eyes.

Breathe in deeply and breathe out (Repeat this breath 3 times.)

Now from the middle of your chest envision a ball of glowing green and pink light swirling and becoming brighter and brighter…

From this ball of green and pink light see tiny green veins spreading through your entire body…

See the tiny veins branch off and make new connections as they move through your body toward the palms of your hands…

When they reach the palms of your hands allow them to stretch into the earth…

Now picture the center of mother earth, picture her own ball of emerald green and pink ball with the same veins spreading across the world and meeting your own green veins…

Now sit with this image as the bonds grow more and more…

Now picture people you know with the same ball of green and pink, see their veins join mother earth and then connect to your veins…

Feel that connection… it may be a connection to a loved one, it may be someone whom you work with…

This connection, this veined web is the Anahata connection of Mother Earth.

Sit basking in its unconditional love, compassion and understanding…

 Anahata Chakra or The Heart Chakra is the center point between the 7-main chakras of our energetic system. Anahata is the fourth Chakra and your midpoint symbolizing the absolute balance between masculine and feminine, between spirit and matter, between carnal desire and spiritual enlightenment, it is the balance that must be sought in order to move into the higher vibrational chakras. Anahata is the balance, control and understanding of the ego in its entirety. The Heart Chakra is your first energetic thought process, as the saying goes: “Thinking with your heart again?”

Anahata is also known as the seat of God. Your inner throne of decisions. It is not the mind that sits here but the understanding and knowledge of the heart. Emotional balance is simply a small fraction of this energy centers purpose. The twelve petals that symbolise Anahata stand for the following doorways:













These 12 doorways are each cultivated, digested and integrated into a wholesome combination of qualities that are vital to the health and balance of Anahata. We tend to forget the heart-centered approach toward the world because of pain, fear and failure. Each person upon this planet needs to enter all of these doorways and work toward integrating each one into their own existence. All the doorways have different meanings for every individual and so it is impossible to explain them in depth. One of the wisest meditations to perform when working with the Anahata Chakra is to begin with a single doorway and begin journalism what it means to you. Begin to actively channel these doorways in your everyday existence and when you believe that you have completely immersed yourself in one, move onto the next. Remember that some will be more difficult to move through than others.

Anahata is also about the balance between the self and the world. You need to begin inside before you can begin working with the world. Every Nadi, doorway or petal of Anahata starts with the self. If you have no self-love how can you propose to love anything outside of yourself. Anahata teaches us that the world and us are one; that masculine and feminine are one; that good and evil are one; that all duality is an illusion and all exists as a single energetic movement comprising of the 12 doorways at its core. When we move upward along the chakra points duality seems to dissipate and when we move downward it becomes greater, therefore it is imperative that this ‘seat of god’ has balance and has completed the work of each of the petals. Without the balance, all other chakras will find imbalance. Without working on the balance of the self and then the balance between the self and the world, you will still have a warped view and your full purpose cannot be fully achieved in all its magnificence.

If you have read our blog on Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra, you will have worked with your own power already, you would have found a physical acceptance of your own identity and become comfortable within your own skin… it is now time to integrate this understanding and work it into the Heart Chakra and once completed, project this unconditional love, compassion, understanding and patience into the world. Anahata is the ‘seat of god’ because it is at this point that you are a physical and spiritual being together at one single time. It is on this throne, upon this ‘seat of god’ where you can completely understand what a universe without duality means. Only when you understand the balance can you move onto the spiritual plains.

Spirit does not work in the same manner that matter does. Matter is dense and requires naming things for them to exist. It begs for explanations and it forces us to cage and tag everything. Spirit does not work this way. Spirit just is complete in its wholeness and what is, is. It is a wholesome understanding without a name-tag. Anahata is also the place of translation between spirit and body. Spirit Guides, Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Visions, Messages are passed down through the energetic spine and translated in ‘the seat of god.’ The place where the soul resides. In this case the soul is like a remote control which tunes the body into its purpose according to spirit. If Anahata is unbalanced then the messages and the guidance will be mistranslated and the material world will be in shambles. The being will experience resentment, hatred, grudges, angst, fear, paranoia and so many other mental issues simply because of an imbalance in ‘the seat of god’.

Acceptance is a huge part of Anahata. Unconditional understanding. Unconditional acceptance. Unconditional being. In this unconditional being you need to be able to sit on your throne and allow the world to pass through you and be unaffected and unperturbed by its being, but at exactly the same moment be able to push out your purpose for being here. Unconditionally you are to walk through this life and be what you are without judgement, without will to force a single action from any other being and accept whatever is, is. This is the way of Anahata. Spirit knows what will happen, it is for you to accept and still remain true to all that you are and all that you are here to do without allowing the world to destroy you.

Here is an awesome Mantra to work with your Anahata Chakra

Here is a great yoga instructional video to strengthen and help balance your Anahata Chakra.

Here is some great meditation music to work on with your Heart Chakra.


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