Spirit Animals – The Killer Whale


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Written by Algoth’s Grove

“When I became her, we playfully moved through the depths of the oceans into the sunset and I understood my own strength, I felt my own being through the power of this magnificence, I remembered my soul.”

The Killer Whale is the Orca, and it is not a whale at all, in fact it belongs to the dolphin family and is said to have the second largest brain in the ocean amongst the mammals, it weighs a whopping 15 pounds. Not only are they hard-wired for efficiently hunting in packs, surviving the coldest of oceanic temperatures (known as The Guardians of the Ocean), but they are also one of the greatest examples of the strength found in family on the earth. They look after their young and usually remain in the same pods their entire lives. They follow the elder mother, and the Orca structure is a matriarchal one. They nurture, protect and do it so efficiently that if you want an energy to heal the family unit, whether that be your birth family or your new-found spiritual family, then call on the spirit medicine of the Orca.

Orca medicine is strong, its undeniable and it is nurturing beyond anything. It teaches us about the feminine strength and abilities. Orca energy brings the void of the feminine into a clarity that can only be understood when working with this medicine. The Orca is also the bringer of peace and wisdom. Call on the medicine of the Orca before going into a serious meeting, making a decision that gives you butterflies, working with a decision regarding your family, or anything where you need peace, wisdom, healing and a feminine touch.

The Orca medicine is also the teacher of clairvoyant abilities, this medicine is a medicine of great guidance, harmony, empowerment and the balancer of the emotional body. This medicine whispers to you to listen carefully to your inner voice, to follow your intuition, to love ferociously and to live a full life with purpose and great intention based in the heart chakra. This Spirit Animal is the keeper of truth and the Orca medicine vibrates with your soul memories and if you work closely with the Orca medicine then you can enter the Akashic records if you so wish…

Orca medicine has in it a great strength and is usually found in great leaders and communicators, in healers and in those who have the call to change many people’s lives. Orca medicine changes our perception of the world and opens us up to the bigger picture. Orca medicine comes to the teacher, it comes to those who walk the path of the wounded healer and reenergises your sight and purpose. Orca medicine will fill your path with purpose, with gratitude and with renewed meaning. Orca medicine also comes with grace, in that grace it provides a burden free pathway to enlightening you into your own power. The energy behind Orca medicine is powerful, it is not something to be called upon if you do not wish to follow through with the divine messages that come through.

Call on The Orca Medicine when you feel lost in this world, when you need guidance, when you need strength and when you need healing on a soul level. If you wish to move forward with your divine purpose which when you hear it, may rock your world, call on the Orca medicine… Call for the wisdom but make sure that you do not ignore the messages that come through because Orca medicine will not leave you until you carry through that which you are meant to do.

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  1. Amazing how much wisdom was flowing from this article.Thank You for sharing. ♥️&🌟


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