Spirit Animals – The Bat


bat medicine


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The bat is the embodiment of rebirth onto the spiritual path devoid of fears, doubts and illusions. The bat is the ally of the soul…”

A bat? What a curious little creature to have as an ally on your spiritual journey. Bat medicine is far from little, in fact with its heightened senses, bat teaches us to awaken within us the eight claire’s and use them to heal others. Bat medicine is one of the greatest allies on the astral and on the physical. He is a lifetime bestfriend whose powerful medicine is revealed to you as you need it. The landscape of bat medicine is too vast to even attempt to understand it in a single sitting.

Bat Medicine is the initiation into a greater purpose. Bat shows up in our dreams, in our pathworkings and in our life as a powerful guide who will light the way in the darkness. Bat teaches shape-shifting, transformation and journeying. Bat medicine urges you to record your dreams, record your spiritual experiences and to trust your intuition beyond any shadow of doubt!

Bat medicine gives you sight into the darkness and beyond the veil. Bat camouflages and protects you from psychic attack and tears away any preconceptions that hold no truth. Bat medicine is also exceptionally potent beneath the full moon and if Bat is your spirit animal, then this is an excellent time to give thanks to your patient and powerful ally. Bat medicine calmly teaches you to rid your old skin, and step into the being that your spirit envisioned you to be. Bat medicine also gives you insight into the akashic record and allows you to bring forth the wisdom needed in this life from other lives. Bat medicine will forge the transferral if you so ask.

On the shadow side, bat medicine does not tolerate holding onto the past. Bat medicine rips the past up and presents you with the foresight into the future, into what is to be. Bat medicine does not allow your fear to overwhelm you and will show you that it is fear and that is perception and that it is nothing more than that. Bat medicine plays no games, he is a fierce protector and knows how to guide you out of the darkness into the light.

If Bat medicine has come into your life be prepared to go through what is known as a shamanic death. Be prepared to have your eyes opened, your senses renewed, and your entire life pollinated with the purpose of your spirit. Make sure to record everything. If you do not have a journal already, start one.

Bat medicine will never leave your side. Once you have experienced it and had the honour of being faced with this incredible medicine, it will always be there for you to call on. If you are unsure, afraid, in doubt, call on bat medicine to reveal the truth to you and you will never go wrong. Bat medicine is truly one of the great allies on the path of the wise witch and therefore it needs to be respected always.

Happy travels.

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