Elemental Spirits: The Mind of Air




Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Think and so shall it be.”

Direction: South (S.H) North (N.H)

Air Rules: The mind, clarity, discernment, wisdom, knowledge, abstract thinking, logic, the spoken word, the wind, breath. Intellect and theory. It is creative and is that which causes magickal intentions to become manifest. It is also associated with higher consciousness and wisdom, divination, and purification, mental and psychic work, intuition. Clouds, inspiration, hearing, herbal knowledge, plant growth, freedom, revealing truth, finding lost things, instruction, telepathy, memory, learning the secrets of the dead, Zen meditation, new beginnings and illuminations.
Time: Dawn
Season: Spring
Colors: Yellow (Tattwa) Gray, light blue,

Tools: Sword, censer and incense.
Virtues: Intelligence, practical, optimistic.
Vices: Impulsive, frivolous, easily fooled.
Season of Life: Youth.
Elemental Spirits: Sylphs

Gems: Topaz, amber, citron, mica, fluorite, amethyst, yellow or blue crystals

Plants: Acacia, anise, aspen, benzoin, clover, frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, myrrh, pine, vervain and yarrow

Goddesses: Arianrhod, Nuit, Iris, Ostara; Goddesses of dawn and spring, Aradia, Athena and Urania.
Gods: Mercury, Hermes, Shu, and Thoth.
Types of Magick: Divination, concentration, karma. Prophecy, visualization and wind magick.

Animals: Birds, Eagle and hawk in particular. Insects and spiders.

Air is concise. It is to the point and it is as swift as the cut of a blade from the sharpest sword. It cleanses, it gives life, it directs, and it rearranges. Air is the wisdom of the four before Akasha. Air is the one who plots the next course of action. It plans, and it plans the most direct route. Air is also the imagination, the visualisation, the motion of wise action not reaction. Air is non-emotional. It is the elements of those who read into the lives of others, it is the divination power behind psychics and fortune-tellers. Air is the direction and clarity that we seek in every question that we ask. It is where the intelligence of earth is held. It is the breath of life and the final element we greet before we move into the astral.

The element of air is connected to each of the other elements and on the ladder is magically the final element to master before leading oneself into the Akasha. Air is masculine in its energy, it is logical and without much leeway. Calling air into a circle brings direction, clarity and focus. It holds the space together and it bends reality leading the way beyond the veil. Each element is needed but Air is the direction and the direct instruction needed for a successful working of any magic.

Air is governed by many gods and goddesses, plants, crystals, mythical creatures, but the main protectors and rulers of this element are the sylphs. Not the easiest spirits to make alliances with, they are however right around you at all times. In fact, you cannot escape the sylphs… and great respect is needed when working with them. It is a peculiar phenomenon, but many people have been journaling their experiences in seeing the sylphs and have described them as tiny energy bubbles or spheres of transparent energy that bounce off of each other when looking into the air around you. It helps even more when you are outside. They are especially apparent right before a thunderstorm but disappear from sight when the rains begin to pour down.

Sylphs need great respect and hard work. Your callings need to be concise and methodically planned with great thought behind them. If you have put no mental work in your calling, then they will not respond to willingly, but it is said that they are always present in ritual workings as it interests them to see the ways in which ritual architects have put together the dynamics of the ritual. To be closer to the sylphs, practice breathing exercises, spend time meditating in the wind or even on a summer day when the skies are clear, and you can feel a gentle breeze stroke your face.  Burn some incense and leave offerings of sacred air herbs to attract the sylphs. Wear something yellow if possible and allow some time, don’t be impatient. It is also said that they will speak through your thoughts and you can hear them and you will be able to discern between the messages of the sylphs and your own thoughts.


Alchemical sign for Air.

Sources: Correspondence list above altered and taken from http://www.witchesofthecraft.com


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