Spirit Animals: The Truth of Turtle



Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Remember this dear soul, your home is always with you, your peace and your universe lie within, not without.”

The lesson of the turtle and the tortoise is an old one. It stretches deep into the heart of the ancients and speaks of being completely present in the now, always. Methodical and meticulous is the turtle medicine. It has no worries of tomorrow and has forgotten the sorrows of yesterday. Turtle teaches that this very moment is all that we can securely say, is ours. There is nothing beyond that which is tangible enough beyond perception and beyond outside influence, therefore all that is truly, one hundred percent, beyond any shadow of doubt, is this present moment.

By being completely present in the now, we allow ourselves absolute freedom. The longing heart is quietened, the painful tragedies of yesterday are not in this moment, and everything that you are doing becomes the only focus, meaning that you are creating perfection and giving one hundred percent to everything that you do. Turtle medicine says, slow down, breathe and be at peace. One may think that Turtle goes with the flow, but really, Turtle medicine does what it feels is right, when it feels like it. It is not perturbed by the world around it, it functions as a universe on its own. Perhaps this is the reason that Turtle was the chosen consort for creating the world in ancient Chinese lore.

Turtle medicine is also one of great prosperity and good fortune. It allows you to focus on who and what you are, whilst you are given the tools to live in the moment and discover what you want from each and every moment. It rids you of the emotional baggage of regret, disappointment, loss, anger, discontentment, fear and failure. With turtle medicine, if you are giving you utmost best in each moment, you will never fail, you will only learn more about yourself. Turtle knows that there is no need to rush ahead like rabbit, it is the steady pace that is needed, it is the knowledge of the self that is paramount, and it is the wisdom to know that you carry all that you need at all times.

Remember that everything happens as it should, find peace in knowing that you are perfectly built to accomplish the tasks that you need to, that you are always in the right place at the right time, that this moment, this very second, is all that truly belongs to you… So, live it.

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