Spirit Animals: The Gorilla

the gorilla


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Nobility, grace and extreme power is not forced by the gorilla, it just is a compassionate strength of being.”

The Gorilla is the totem of compassion, of strength, of great wisdom and leadership. Gorilla medicine commands respect, not by force or by ill will, but simply by being its own leader as well. It moves in unison with mother Gaia in such a peaceful, purposeful manner that all who have laid sight on this magnificent creature are in complete awe of its being. Not only does Gorilla medicine command the masses through a gentle grace of being, but it teaches fairness, it teaches generosity and it teaches loyalty.

Gorilla medicine brings dignity and nobility not boastful pride or megalomania, gorilla medicine brings connectivity by example, through a strength of intuition and stability, through an exceptionally grounded gentleness of being. Gorilla medicine is the powerful nurturer and the compassionate warrior. The Gorilla makes no excuse for its existence and the only time that you will see the Gorilla become aggressive or violent is if it is protecting the troop or protecting its young.

Gorilla medicine is wise medicine. It speaks a truth of being absolutely grounded in who and what we are and of speaking and living our own truth always. It speaks of simply being and the rest will follow. There is purpose and seemingly simple pleasure in the medicine that gorilla brings to us. The Gorilla medicine is also the medicine of the perfectly balanced family. This does not only have to be the blood family, but the spiritual family as well. Each gorilla in any given troop knows its place and each one has a responsibility and is part of the unit. Gorilla medicine teaches about acceptance without ill will. It teaches about a natural form of growth and a calm thought process which is followed by compassion for its fellow troop members, before any decision is made.

The Gorilla also brings the message and medicine of communication through listening more than we speak. It teaches us to take a breather before we make judgement, it speaks of being a well of wisdom only when it is needed. In listening to another and being the silent well of wisdom and realising the responsibility of the self and the troop, the gorilla holds the greatest honour.

If Gorilla has appeared in your life, it is time to sit and breathe, look around you and find your grounding, listen carefully to your intuition and exercise strength and compassion through a balanced lifestyle where your wisdom and intelligence are not thrown upon others but instead given when needed. If Gorilla has cropped up in a vision or a dream it is time to look around you and see what is important to you, what needs your nurturing and what needs your distance. Gorilla exists without forcing its undeniable strength upon the world. Gorilla medicine says “Stand upright, hold your head up and be the beautiful human that you know you are. You are living your purpose, simply follow your inner voice and believe in your own unique signature of life.”


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