Spirit Animals: The Elk


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The Elk is the embodiment of magical manifestation, it teaches us the exact process from thought to thing without the glitter and glamour that divides.”

The Elk is the majestic king of the forest. The male aspect teaches the grounded being in our own skin. He teaches us to move forward with a set being. Once we ponder on who, what and where we are and what we are working toward we can then begin the process of setting everything in motion. The female aspect is the soul and she teaches you to believe. Elk medicine teaches you stamina on a completely different level to other totem animals. This medicine teaches you “to outrun the predators of doubt and disbelief.”

Elk medicine is an ancient one and can be seen in the Native Americans who collected their teeth, antlers or hooves for protection, strength and courage. The elk has already learned its purpose and it can outrun most predators because its incredible stamina carries it over long distances. The elk is also fiercely protective of its young and its community. Elk medicine teaches you to stand in your own strength and ways but never to intentionally hurt someone. It is important to have a set plan in sight. If you are having trouble finding direction it is wise to turn to a totem medicine such as the turtle. Once your purpose and plan is clear, turn to elk medicine to course the journey.

Any journey with a purpose needs the physical stamina, the masculine strength and knowledge of the element of air as well as the feminine strength of foresight. It is the Elk medicine that is extremely helpful with this. When approaching elk medicine, make sure to consult with the elk through vision journeys, dreaming and meditation. Journal everything that you are shown and experience. Elk medicine is also not elusive, even when it is approached in its feminine aspect, it is direct and serious. There is hard work to be done when the elk shows itself or when you, yourself approach the elk. Purpose, plan, act.

Elk medicine also teaches how to bring any magick into being. Regardless of your purpose, if your affinity is working with the spirit animal signatures then it is the elk that you would be incorporating into the devising or construction and completion of any spell or ritual working. To work with elk medicine all you need is an intention. The simpler and more direct the intention the better. Once you have this intention, set it forth before the elk spirit and the exact working will be given to you. Elk medicine comes with a warning though, there is no giving up, and no backing down. You make your decision and you carry through with it. There are no half measures with the elk, there is no room for pity parties and there is no place for deviating. Once the path has been set, the course will be plotted, and the magic will commence.

Remember that magick has three core values: Focus, will and intention. We begin with the intention, stand before the elk medicine and offer our intention and present our will, then elk medicine will assist with the most knowledgeable course forward and your absolute focus will be required. Almost like a horse with blinkers. However, ensure that you are certain that this is something that you want before using this medicine, because once the elk medicine has been activated no path will be suitable but the one you have stepped on.



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