Herbal Grimoire: The healing poppet

healing poppet

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“There is magick in the simplest trigger to the unconscious mind. It is not only the symbol that triggers, but the mere act of creation that forms the magickal bond that peforms miracles beyond the known realms of science.”

Healing poppets or magickal corn dollies have been used as far back as ancient Egypt and more probably even before that. This sort of magick is known as sympathetic magick. It makes use of an effigy or symbolic figure usually formed from cloth and stuffing off various herbs and objects. A poppet can really be made from anything including root, metal, clay etc. It is the idea, the ingredients and the strength of intention that makes for this magick’s potency.

The Voodoo Doll will be discussed at a later stage, but in essence it is almost exactly the same as a poppet and can be used to cure or kill, to ease pain or to provide it. Depending on the experience of the witch, the poppet will either provide an alarming change for good or bad, or a minor one, but this sort of magick works when done, all that changes is the intensity of the poppets effect on the recipient.

For the sake of this entry, we will be giving you a page from our Grimoire on how to create a powerful healing poppet for general healing. If the person that you are creating it for is ailed by a specific disease, illness then make sure to activate herbs that are specific to this illness. In our spell ingredients below we have added general herbs that are powerful healers in their own rite but it is always best to ensure your magick is as precise as can be so make sure to chop and change the ingredients as you see fit.


What you will need:

1 piece of green cloth and 1 piece of white cloth (Size will depend on the size that you would like your poppet to be and how much ingredients you would like to squeeze in)

1 x Rose Quartz (To heal with love)

1 x Clear Quartz (To amplify the magick)

1 x Selenite (To cleanse, purify and increase positive vibrations)

1 sprig of Rosemary (To keep the negativity out)

1 handful Lavender flowers (To soothe, subdue and allow the recipient to accept the healing)

3 drops of Eucalyptus essential Oil (To strengthen and keep the poppets healing magic alive)

3 drops of Blue chamomile essential Oil (To heal from deep within)

Now it is best if you are creating this sort of magic that you make the poppet from a piece of the recipients clothing or place an item of theirs in the poppet. To begin cut the poppet out to symbolise a person. Please see the figure below.

poppet pattern

Then begin sewing the poppet and whilst you do so repeat the following chant and insert the person’s name for who the poppet is being made into the blank spaces. Do not sew the poppet closed. Leave a large enough area open (usually the head and half arms are enough.)

Poppet of healing,

Poppet of light,

You are the poppet of _____’s healed being.

You are _______’s body healed right.

Now pick each item up (crystals, herbs and other ingredients that you may have chosen to add into the poppet). Take each item and lay it/them (If it is a bunch of something) in your dominant cupped hand. Close your other hand over the item and close your eyes. Visualise the state you wish this person to be in and command the item to carry out this intention and nothing else. It is vital that each item within the poppet is given a command that coincides with the overall healing intention.

When you have added all the items, you may add some stuffing that can be found in an old cushion (Feathers from a downs pillow work best) and begin the closing process by sewing up the head and repeatedly chanting the following:

_____poppet, _____ you are!

Alive and well and healed

The intention now working and sealed,

The energy contained working until _____ buries you beneath the earth, where the sickness will be dispersed.

_____ is healed.

By light of the old gods,

By the healing breath of father wind,

By the furious speed of the sun,

By the emotional balance of the rain,

By command of the Great Mother,

As the gods of old have decreed, I so will, So mote _____’s healing be!


When you have completed the poppet make sure to hand it to the person within 24 hours of creating the poppet. If you are doing this in secret – don’t. Even healing is forbidden in the magickal arts if the person has not asked for it. It is wisest to create your poppet on the night of a waxing gibbous or a full moon, a blue moon is even more potent.

May the healing commence!



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