Spirit Animals: The Otter


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Life… ah, that thing we all have to do… I prefer riding out the waves lying on my back watching the sunrise on the horizon… I prefer protecting my young and those in my heart… I prefer leaving the past where it belongs… way out there on the forgotten shore.”

                                                                                                                ~ The Otter

The Otter spirit animal is a playful yet responsible and extremely intelligent energy. The wisdom found in the heart of Otter medicine is undoubtedly one of the greatest choices when making a decision from a point of chaos and turmoil. The otter will bring you out from the depths of the deepest darkness and show you a clear pathway to a joyful life. The otter comes with a few rules though and one of the most imperative of these rules is the rule of letting the past go.

Otter medicine teaches us to live, not to simply exist. It teaches us to awaken to our higher wisdom and to accept that life is a ride, so you may as well enjoy it. Tomorrow is not in your hands, yesterday’s water has slipped through your fingers into the great ocean of what was and can never be repeated or experienced in exactly the same way, and so right now you have the current that you are on, and if you don’t like it, Otter medicine will take you by the hand whilst you close your eyes and drift with you into a blissful sunrise.

Otters are known for their resourcefulness, whether they be river or sea otters, these animals have been revered throughout history and mythical fairy tales to bring you the lessons that this beautiful animal gives with an unselfish heart. You see, the Otter knows that it can outwit and outsmart most of its enemies, it knows its intuitive nature by heart and therefore its joy comes from sharing its life with those closest to its heart. Otter medicine teaches you to feel safe in your own skin, accept the life that you have and live in the present moment.

Otter requires your sacrifice of the past though. Whilst you hold onto the memories and they cause you a physical, mental or spiritual change, they block the natural flow to life. Whilst the natural flow of life is blocked, your current will keep bashing into the same view over and over, your perceptions may never change, and you will pass onto the next life believing that this one was a boring waste of time with the same struggles and mayhem repeatedly. If you follow the wisdom of Otter medicine those blockages will dissipate, and your scenery will be renewed, and you will never want for the passing of this life.

Have faith says the Otter, have faith and come play with me in the water, play with me and I will teach you to control those emotions, I will teach you to live as one with Mother Earth and to awaken your intuitive abilities and realise your incredible potential. Otter medicine is filled to the brim with love, with laughter, with community and with trust. There is so much to this medicine that teaches us the path of the yogi, of the enlightened being and of the core spiritual truths to happiness. Otter medicine also teaches the parent, whether you are a witchy parent or simply spiritual, Otter medicine will show you ways that you never dreamed of in connecting with your little ones without the frustration, the anger and the feeling of defeat. Otter medicine is filled with essential guidance that every soul needs in this fast paced digital age and if you believe you are stuck or need a change, a nudge or simply a powerful spiritual guide to hold your hand and beckon you to the path of freedom then Otter medicine is for you!

Happy travels.

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