Herbal Grimoire: The Passion of the Goddess


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“There are many places in the garden where our Mother shows her sigil’s freely… the most prominent and poetic of these is without a doubt found in the granadilla plant, or the passion flower.”

If you have ever held or had the opportunity to behold a Granadilla flower, better known as the passionfruit flower, then you would most probably have fallen in love with her beauty instantly. The old tale that many people know is the story of Jesus and the three points signifying the three nails that crucified him. However, once again the triple aspect of the Goddess is overshadowed by a bloody and brutal tale of death instead of a beautiful story of life.

passion fruit

The passionflower vine is not only symbolic of the triple aspect of the Goddess, maiden, mother and Crone, but is also perched on the foundation of a five pointed star that traces out the pentagram perfectly. Showing the 5 elements used in many branches of magick especially that of Wicca. In magick, or spellwork, the passionflower vine is incredibly beneficial in dream pillows, in divination oil for scrying under the full moon in water, for cord cutting rituals, for empowering the female mysteries and for honouring the Goddess in all her forms. This is a plant that embodies the beauty, the strength, the wisdom and the joy that is found in all the aspects of the Goddess.

Medicinally, the passionflower vine is an excellent sleep aid, and used as a tonic for both adults and children suffering from night terrors, insomnia or for anxiety and stress disorders complicating sleep patterns. The passionflower vine lowers blood pressure and calms the mind, body and soul, and interestingly enough, is an excellent analgesic. Taking 3 drops, 3 times per day of a tonic made from the flowers combined with valerian root is one of the most incredible sleep medicines that you can use. Please do not touch valerian if you are pregnant and consult your healthcare professional before using passionflower vine.

If you suffer from painful menstrual cramps, a passionflower tea will take the pain away and ease those lovely emotional PMS moments that come with it all. The Cherokee people used the roots to draw out inflammation from wounds, and cure earache. The leaves, stems, roots and flowers can be used but always remember to do extensive research on dosages and precisely how to make your tinctures, ointments and tea’s. One of the most remarkable medicinal properties of the passionflower vine is it’s uncanny ability to remove the blue’s. She takes the edge off even the worst depression and is safe enough to use long term.

Passionflower vine in magick, and medicinally is like lying in the bosom of the Goddess whilst she strokes your hair and lulls you to sleep by whispering all the secrets of the universe in your ear…


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