Spirit Animals: The Hippopotamus


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“There is a place and time to be fierce and cause fear, but being something to fear all the time is not where your power comes from… Your power comes from being fierce and strong within, but kind and gentle on the outside – Your power lies in your own being, not in the fear that you impose on others.”

                                                                                                                            ~ The Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus medicine is powerfully strong when using it to connect to the spiritual realm. It is a great spirit guide on the astral plains and provides great healing and direction when asked. The Hippopotamus is kind and gentle, but only when you stick to your own core truth. When you diverge from your core truth, the hippopotamus will correct you with a single bite. The medicine of the Hippopotamus does not stand for falsehood and masks, it forces you to live your own truth and forces you to understand that your truth may not be another’s, but that also gives you no right to impose on another’s choices.

Hippopotamus medicine is direct but compassionate, it teaches you to dream big, and to follow through with every goal. When choosing to stand before Hippopotamus medicine make very sure that you are ready to face the raw truth of who and what you are, regardless of how cold or callous it may seem. Hippopotamus medicine shows you who and what you are on a soul level and then allows that truth, that essence to permeate through into your physical being. Hippopotamus medicine opens your own personal pandora’s box and allows you to first see yourself as you are and then teaches you the beauty of your own authenticity.

Not only is Hippopotamus medicine, one of the most forceful animal spirit guides in teaching you to step into your own being and finding your purpose and place, but it is also one of the most direct paths on the animal spirit guide spectrum in learning the language of your own inner voice, your intuition. Hippopotamus medicine may seem brutal at first but once she is done with you and you have walked a full path with her, you will look back and see thousands of scattered masks, personas and emotional baggage that was never yours to begin with lying on the path behind you. She pulls at the heart strings of dreams, the bigger, the better, and Hippopotamus shows you how to face them head on.

Hippopotamus medicine is strict and forceful, but it is not aggressive. She works with anger and aggression and she shows you that there is a time and a place for such things. It is important not to lose you anger, your aggression, your strength but it is imperative that you learn to control it and one of the most important lessons that the Hippopotamus medicine can teach you beyond stepping into your own truth is to allow life to flow through you and not affect who and what you are.

Stay authentic and follow the hippopotamus.

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