Crystal Grimoire: The Spirit of Tanzanite


Written by Algoth’s Grove

“So rare is this beauty, as rare as those who dare wear her to lift their vibrations and open their souls to the divine secrets of the universe…”

We believe that the whole world wants to change and be enlightened. We believe that everyone wants to lift their vibrations and embrace the divinity within. This is not the case. Not everyone wants to use their psychic abilities, listen to their intuition or heal the world. However, if you are one of those rare beauties who do want to lift your vibrations, gently open your third eye chakra and awaken to your true spiritual strength, then the rare beauty of Tanzanite is something that should always be carried on you.

Tanzanite, or blue Zoisite is so rare that it is only found in a small area in Tanzania, and some have claimed to have found deposits in Kenya as well. On the scientific level this crystal vibrates at a level that resonates with the third eye and crown chakra. It transforms your life, awakens you to higher states of being, assists in astral travel and really takes you by the hand and leads you into your higher purpose.

Tanzanite is known for its ability to strengthen the mind, body and spirit in unison. It removes blockages, changes mindsets and provides the individual with a foundation of truth and direction that brings solace to the entire being. Tanzanite cleanses from the inside, out.

Apart from the remarkable spiritual effects that Tanzanite has on its wearer, the crystals ability to allow one to see things from varying perspectives comes from its ability to change colour when held in different angles and light. Today, Tanzanite can cost over $2000 per carat in larger sizes at retail stores. It’s a remarkably rare crystal and has become a collector’s item. It has been used as a less expensive alternative to Sapphire.

Tanzanite was discovered originally by the Masai and believed the stone to be a direct gift from the gods. It only really has its history in the modern era and we know very little about what the crystal was used for traditionally before it hit the tabloids in the 20th century. We do know that this beauty is expensive when polished, and a little more affordable in its raw form. However, for those using the crystal for its spiritually healing properties, any crystal in its raw form has a stronger vibration than when polished. So, if you want a crystal that will greatly increase your spiritual growth, make sure you get yourself a Tanzanite beauty.

Algoth’s Grove has two Raw Tanzanite beauties in stock @ R200 a piece, let us know if you would like to purchase one by sending us an email below.


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