Spirit Animals: The Great Call of the Eagle

f the Eagle

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The dignity, strength, passion and spiritual perseverance of the eagle as a spiritual totem is magically refreshing and brings the soul it chooses to reach heights it never thought possible.”

The Eagle Medicine is the medicine of the spirit-soul-bodypath. It is the strength and the vitality necessary for successful meanderingthrough the currents of life. Even though the eagle is a bird of the air, amaster of unimaginable heights, its medicine calls to utilize the feminineenergy of water as a reminder of the spirit union of the mundane life that wefind ourselves in at this point. The eagle is not a spiritual animal foreveryone, it requires bold strength and teaches to fly high above the statusquo. There is no normality and no book that can accurately describe the path ofworking with eagle medicine.

Eagle medicine is also one of the medicines that will showup once you have traversed through a great deal of earthly lessons andtribulations and only when you have been molded and formed by life and thechoices you have made, does your energy align with that of Eagle medicine. Wheneagle shows up, its time to look within, close the chapters that do not serveyour highest good and listen carefully for the spiritual guidance that thismedicine brings. Eagle medicine is forceful and patient at the same time. It isa spiritual strength and not a physical one. It opens the heart, the mind andthe soul (the translator of the spirit) seeCrown Chakra, and aligns your life for one designated purpose, the purposeof your entire existence.

Whilst eagle medicine is a passion driven force of forward motion with careful thought and almost perfection, eagle medicine does not deny the presence of inevitable changes, after all the only constant on this planet is change. Eagle medicine teaches the commitment and provides the understanding that foundation is as important as the flight, for without the home base, there is no flight and no catch worth acquiring. So, it is usually once the foundation has been found or built that eagle will show up and give you wings of immense strength and vitality to fly. Eagle medicine is also extremely committed. Loyalty, integrity, and authenticity are the reigning three feathers of wisdom that govern the medicine of this animal spirit.

If eagle medicine has shown up in your life, or you are reading this blog and something inside is calling for the eagle, make sure to approach this medicine with great respect, for as nurturing as the eagle may be to its young, it also teaches with an iron beak. On a final note, it is most interesting to note that it is the Eagle who is Lord Vishnu (The preserver)’s vahana or vehicle of choice, in Greece great Zeus had Aetos Dios (The great golden eagle) as his personal messenger and companion, in the Celtic myths it is the Eagle who carries the most wisdom just below the salmon who carries the lore of the ages that have past and are still to come, the Sphinx has the wings of the eagle, the Aztecs have their eagle warriors… In Norse mythology we have a great eagle sitting at the top of the World tree – Yggdrasil – and between its eyes sits the hawk named, Veðrfölnir.

The Eagle has soared high above into every ancient lore… is it perhaps time you answer the call of Eagle’s medicine?

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