Herbal & Crystal Grimoire: Amber & The Blood of Trees.

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Amber carries with it the wisdom of the ages. The older the amber the more wisdom we have to draw on.Magically, a charm or amulet made from amber, worn on the heart, will guide the wearer on a path led by the ages.”

Witch’s and magical folk in the 21st century concentrate on the new age beliefs and systems. It is a pity that much of the old lore has vanished into the last dying breathes of the hidden company. Or landed in the hands of those who are not so inclined. Amber is one of these preciously magical pieces of lore that have vanished into “being too light to contain any magick.”

Amber is not tree sap. Tree sap is what the tree uses to repair itself. Tree sap feeds the tree. It is a continuous process that pulls minerals and vitamins from the ground through the tree into the leaves, flowers,branches and trunk. This is the tree’s blood which never stops feeding the tree. Interestingly enough, Maple Syrup is tree sap. It is collected by placing a drip bucket underneath the tap that is hammered into the tree and the syrup is then collected from the Maple trees.

Not all trees produce resin, but here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

“Notable examples of plant resins include amber, Balm of Gilead, balsam, Canada balsam, Boswellia, copal from trees of Protium copal and Hymenaea courbaril, dammar gum from trees of the family Dipterocarpaceae, Dragon’s blood from the dragon trees (Dracaena species), elemi, frankincense from Boswellia sacra, galbanum from Ferula gummosa, gum guaiacum from the lignum vitae trees of the genus Guaiacum, kauri gum from trees of Agathis australis, hashish (Cannabis resin) from Cannabis indica, labdanum from mediterranean species of Cistus, mastic (plant resin) from the mastic tree Pistacia lentiscus, myrrh from shrubs of Commiphora, sandarac resin from Tetraclinis articulata, the national tree of Malta, styrax (a Benzoin resin from various Styrax species), spinifex resin from Australian grasses, and turpentine, distilled from pine resin.”

Amber is a fossilized resin. The resin in a tree does not move continuously through a tree and is only present when the tree itself has been injured or damaged either by insects, pathogens, humans or animals. Why is amber so precious if there are so many other precious resins around? Well,amber is resistant to decay. Amber, unlike other resins, will not disintegrate into dust. For amber to exist it must have been able to resist extreme weather conditions such as blistering heat, extreme cold, rain, as well as microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. For amber to form, it needs to be a ‘tougher than nails resin.’

It is for this reason that Amber is known to be the blood of the trees. Not the blood that provides nourishment, but the wound healer, the scab that shields whilst the tree has a chance to regenerate beneath it.

Amber used in magick

Amber provides wisdom of the ages. It keeps with it a key into the metaphysical journeys into the great akashic records. It is said to promote longevity and extreme beauty to its wearer. More than what the Egyptians believed, amber provides the keys to healing. Magically amber teaches the wearer on a cellular level to heal itself and to become resistant to disease.According to ancient writings, amber is used in potions and elixirs to extend the life of those suffering with an incurable illness (how true this fact is, we cannot know for sure).

In basic magic, Amber is a guardian for life. It holds within it a great protective energy and because it cannot be energetically altered, it never needs to be cleansed. Amber always holds precisely the same energetic signature and will always be faithful to the one wearing it. You cannot place a curse, spell, or bad energy on any piece of amber and it will always remain exactly as it is… a magical constant in this ever changing world!

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  1. Thank you for this excellent article on Amber. Most of this information is new for me. I have a beautiful beaded Amber necklace which I purchased at a Pagan festival many years ago. Around the large center Amber bead are 4 Jet beads-2 on either side-a lovely combination. My Amber necklace is one of my most treasured pieces.

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    • Oh wow, yes, hold onto that piece. Amber is truly a magical treasure! Thank you for your appreciation of our work. Blessed be dear Soul!


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