Spirit Animals: The deadly Divinity of Mantis Medicine

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The medicine of the mantis is a path akin to the Toltec warrior. There is a surety of self and a deadly calm with a decision-making ability second to none. The Mantis is the keeper of the soul and the doorway of the self.”

The praying mantis or Mantis religiose,  gets its name from the Greek word (μάντις) Mantis, which can be translated into ‘one who sees’, ‘prophet’, ‘diviner’ and this word comes from the word Mainesthai which literally means ‘be inspired’.

“Mantises are an order(Mantodea) of insects that contains over 2,400 species in about 430 genera in 15 families.”


Right throughout history the ancients venerated these little creatures and their incredible forms. It is said that they were carefully embalmed along with pharaohs and other important people in ancient Egypt. The ruthless killer instincts are not wide known aspects of the praying mantis except for the female biting off the head of her male before or after copulation. In the video we have added in the bottom of the blog, you will see a praying mantis take on a snake. It is a fearless predator, but not an unfair one, such as the example of a male lion who will kill hyena babies for the sake of revenge.

Mantis medicine is of a divine order without human attributes. It teaches us the immense strength of our own spirit and provides us with our own unique tools to be able to walk through life being stronger than life itself. Mantis medicine is also for-life medicine. Mantis walks with only a select few and to gain the trust of this spirit animal is akin to her mating dance of death. It takes a great amount of patience and perhaps months or years of work to earn the trust of mantis.

Once you have her trust, it is a life long journey of self-empowerment.The walk of the Toltec warrior, (a series of blogs coming soon!) is what the mantis teaches. It is a spiritual mentor that tests her student time and time again. Sometimes, it is said, that mantis will disappear altogether, leaving the student wandering, but this is simply another test. Mantis medicine knows the road to enlightenment and through just this medicine you can reach the states of altered consciousness that will teach you astounding truths and beautiful wisdom held beyond the gates of this three-dimensional mental framework. Mantis medicine is not easy though, great respect and enormous time must be spent on following the path of the mantis.

We cannot stress enough the important of respect when working with the Mantis Medicine. Diligence in your magickal workings and constant journaling is required. It is also imperative that you follow the first pathway of the self. There is a fantastic writer who writes on the Toltec teachings, Theuns Mares. His work is second to none on the subject of self-empowerment and the way of the warrior. It is also the best written material that we have as a guide when working with Mantis Medicine, even though Mantis is not mentioned in the written material, this work is your best compass if the mantis is the animal who is calling you.

Here is a great documentary on The Praying Mantis

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3 replies

  1. Growing up, I was taught to have much respect for Praying Mantis but never thought about her aspects as a Spirit animal. Thank you so much for posting this.


    • Thank you so much for reading and appreciating our work. She seems to be so cute and meanwhile she has some of the most powerful medicine in the animal kingdom… love her! Blessings to you dear soul!



  1. Spirit Animals: The dynamic transubstantiation of the Dragonfly – Algoths Grove

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