Herbal Grimoire: Orris Root

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It is the magic hidden beneath the incredible beauty of the Iris…”

Our earliest texts provide us with evidence that Orris Root was used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for its incredible scent. Even though the evidence suggests that Orris root was used medicinally to treat oedema, sore throats, liver complications as well as being a diuretic, the side effects and chance of painful stomach ulcerations and severe vomiting is too large to use it as a home remedy. What Orris Root is used for in your home is for incredible magic and delightful additions to your incenses and household items.

Orris Root resembles a rhizome much like Ginger. Orris Root is the root of the Iris Germanica and Iris Pallida plant. The root itself is harvested in August and it takes up to 5 years for the root to generate a scent powerful enough to be used cosmetically. The scent that it develops is highly sought after and has been likened to parma violets. Many of your big perfume houses cherish Orris Root and use it as the main ingredient. It is rumored that Channel No. 5 contains a high dosage of Orris Root.

Orris Root is sacred to the Goddess Iris

Magically, Orris Root is governed by the Moon and is sacred to the Goddess Iris, Venus, Aphrodite and in some paths… Hera. It is the go-to love plant. It carries with it an incredibly powerful romantic love signature.  This energy added to any love spell, potion, incense or mojo bag is a real fail-safe when working with love magic. Beyond its love signature, Orris Root protects and gently guides the practitioner to ensure that the magic performed will bide by, ‘an ye harm none.’ Orris Root regenerates and revitalizes a space, and it is an old customary witches way to hang Orris Root and a sprig of lavender from the doorway in the entrance and exit of your home.

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