The Keys of Hekate

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“She has meandered through the patriarchal snuffing of the bosom, survived the ages by lighting her torches and she has ushered us through the underworld and now she hands us the keys to our own inner strength”

Lewis Richard Farnell states clearly in The Cults of the Greek states how Hekate’s worship goes far beyond that of Athens or even Caria. He mentions Lydia, Phrygia, Pamphylia, Galatia and Ephesus. Hekate is described throughout the Greco-Roman period as the Salvatrix, the same Greek word (Σωτήρ) Saviour which is used in The Gospel of Luke several times to define Jesus and his role… It is always interesting to note how the human psyche pervades every myth and how this psyche evolves with or without its gods and goddesses. Some are lost in time and never survive the onslaught and the terrifying brutalities opposed on their natures, but some… like the Goddess Hekate, meander through the ages and rise again, holding even more power and greater wisdom than could ever be imparted in a single article.

Hekate has, in modern times become the Queen of the Witches. She is the key-bearer to the underworld, the Chthonic Deity who beckons us toward knowledge of our shadow aspects and she alone has held the title of guardian of Crossroads and doorways. She has awoken in many pagans as a protector and defender of the magical people, presenting her as the grandmother figure, the bone woman, the old hag, the wild woman in the shadows. She has been thrown into a myriad of perceptions and this article, even though it is laden with research, has perceptions of my own thrown into the letters, and for this reason this article will remain with the meaning and the use of her symbol, the key.

The Keys of Hekate are the keys of your own soul. These keys are gifts at certain points in time, and even though you work with many energies, signatures and spiritual forms, a gatekeeper or key-bearer is essential. In essence a leader, a High Priestess and a Teacher is much like this, they hold the keys to certain doorways, certain portholes and certain teachings and as the saying goes: “When the student is ready, the master (key) will appear.” We never cease learning. No matter your age, your degrees or your levels of experience, there is always another door to open and for that to happen you need to source the key.

Hekate is the energetic signature of the keeper of keys. In this function, she is akin to the key-maker in the Matrix. Please note, this article is only discussing a single aspect of her. Her various functions would exhaust several lifetimes of research to accurately convey. Hekate, in this role as the keeper of the key to the gates of Hades, as well as the Saviour, allows those who dare open the doorways to the mysteries beyond textbooks, a safe passage to tread the road into the unknown.

The keys of Hekate are not given if the practitioner is not ready. She will not allow you to open a door and run the risk of self-harm or injury. Hekate does not stand for power over others in a selfish context and she governs the lost souls with a compassion that we as humans cannot fathom in its entirety. She is described as the goddess second only to Zeus, and even with all this might, she governs with humility. She began as the youthful Goddess, but with time she has grown in wisdom and might, she is hidden within the pages of the bible, in Jesus himself, in St. Peter and his symbol of the keys of heaven, in the heart of Lord Ganesha, and in the very bosom of your soul.

The pagan and/or spiritual mysteries teach self-responsibility beyond everything else. It is the independent mind and soul that wishes to do something head on and brave the unchartered plains of the astral or other altered conscious states alone. Regardless of your level of magical strength, a guardian is always necessary. Hekate has the keys of the cosmos. She is described over and over again as: Guardian, Teacher, Saviour, Guide and Companion. Her keys are infinite and she has survived throughout the ages, all the while changing with the psyche of humanity. She has perhaps grown old and acquired grey hair, fine lines and the title of bone woman, but she has survived, and I dare say… as the keeper of the keys to the cosmos, she will survive every tide our human psyche has to offer.

Making a Hekate Key Amulet

What you will need:

2 Keys

A strip of black leather or binding rope

Place the two keys on top of each other like in the diagram below. St. Peter’s Keys are much the same except they are both facing inward and upward. Hekate’s keys will be facing one down and outward (Key to the Gate of the Underworld) and one up and inward (Key to the heavenly realms).  

Now use your black leather straps to knot them together at the crossing and whilst doing this, chant the following:

Queen of Witches, Nourisher of life,

Hekate Soteria, Hekate Chtothia,

Mistress of Magic, Stand with me,

Bind these keys to open the doors I am ready to enter,

Kurotrophos, Great Trivia,

I am ready to unlock the mysteries,

Guide me Mother of Witches,

Universal Queen, Dadophoros,

I beseech thee.

As I will beside thee, So mote it be!

Keep your keys under the night of three full moons and one Dark moon. Repeat the chant each time. You are welcome to adorn your Amulet with crystals such as Moonstone, Amber, Hematite or another sacred to Hecate. In fact, make it as close to her as you can. Wear it during ritual or spell work and keep it in a pouch when not being worn.

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