Spiritual Tools for Healing Depression

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The darkness is indescribable. The embrace that is always just a little too tight for comfort, is a daunting reality for too many precious souls. However, there is a way to navigate through the darkness, and use it to your advantage.”

Depression. The big, bad, darkness. It is defined in psychiatry as: “a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency and dejection, typically also with feelings of inadequacy and guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy and disturbance of appetite and sleep.”

The problem is that depression has so many root causes. There are so many underlying factors that fuel and add ash to the feelings or state of mind that we know as depression. There is no quick fix. Spiritually though, there is a grander understanding. The secret of spiritual teachings is that we work from the root cause and heal that. Depression is a symptom and a period of reflection and processing… What does that mean?

Depression happens when our body, soul, spirit and current life path is not aligned. Something is off. So, the body reacts by causing an imbalance in the hormonal release. Remember, our bodies answer to EVERYTHING that we think, EVERYTHING that we do, and when we have a goal in mind… our entire being moves into making that a reality.

The 21st century is so fast paced, and we are bombarded with so much information that 70% of the time we do not consciously take note of everything that is taken in. So, in this manner our mind forces our body to make time for processing. We feel a low, and it is in this low that we are firing thousands of neurons and sorting out all the information that we unconsciously took in.

Beyond the idea of processing information, depression is necessary down time to structure other emotions such as, guilt, betrayal, loneliness, fatigue / burn out, loss of direction, loss of someone or something, emptiness. It is imperative that when the depression blanket wraps you in that you remember to search in the darkness and brave the void. It is in this state that the greatest teachers and writers and inventors have found their calling. Depression is not something to medicate, it is not something to get rid of, in actual fact it is one of the greatest tools of the inquiring and genius mind!

So, as a certified manic depressive, I write from experience. I also write from counseling others with depression and from all the research and trial and error throughout the years. Your depression must first and foremost be seen as a tool. It is yours to own. That feeling is yours. Listening to your own rhythms and patterns is imperative. So, STEP 1, is to begin journaling. Journaling is so important to begin the journey of understanding. STEP 2, is to understand and analyze your depression. Is it because of poor diet? Is it because you needed some serious rest? Is it because you are trying so hard and hitting a brick wall? Then change direction.

Society today makes you feel as though you need to answer to all those around you. You need to follow the norm, and when you don’t you will be ostracized, and doors will close. NO! You are the only one who dictates how your story will go. THE UNIVERSE IS ALWAYS CONSPIRING TO ASSIST YOU! You need to open your eyes and your ears and your entire being to the guidance of the universe.

Now let us say it is a bad episode of depression and you cannot even shower or pick up a pen to write… then you need to grab your keys and walk the hell out of the house and go to the park. You need trees and you need water. You also need to analyze if your victim archetype needs to seriously step back. Victim mentality is rife today as it was 100 years ago. The only difference now is that social media gives the victim mentality attention, sympathy and it thrives on it. This leads to substance abuse and many suicides. So, get off social media for a while. Take a break. Drink water, go for a run, change the environment. Nature always helps. Standing with your bare feet on fresh soil is the best medicine on earth.

Depression forces change. Depression forces introspection. Depression forces you into the sunlight.

Below is a list of anti-depression activities that are imperative when that blanket is a little too tight.

  • Drink water (Blessing your water first with happiness and energy from the sun works wonders)
  • Prayer and devotional activities
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Go into nature
  • Change your attitude
  • Have a conversation with your victim mentality and hold your power hand over your Solar Plexus and proclaim that you are drawing on your inner soul power and you are not a victim of life, you are a master ruler of your life and you are healed and will move forward in strength and in line with your soul purpose.
  • Scream into a cushion
  • Change your life. Yes, the entire thing. Change what isn’t working. Your boyfriend beats you up? Leave. Your boss makes you angry? Approach him/her or do some footwork on the weekends or in your lunch hour and plan your move into the company of your choosing. Your living circumstances are terrible? Change them. But you don’t have the money? Then stop spending on things you don’t need, be harder and stronger than you have ever been with yourself.
  • The life you want WILL NOT fall into your lap. You need to move into alignment with your dreams, your goals and your life…

The best quote on this planet is the following: “you will never get a different result if you are running around the same mountain.”

Stand up. Dust yourself off. Pull on the energy of your soul, the energy of the universe… and go get ‘em tiger!

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  1. Good information, thank you!


  2. Yup..depression is a big issue..indeed an alignment is imperative to get out of it. 😇


  3. These are some of the best suggestions for dealing with depression I have seen. Thank you!


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