Inner Grimoire: The Authentic Self

Written by Algoths Grove

“Authenticity is the art of allowing your soul to breathe through the skin of your human vessel.”

The journey of the soul does not begin at birth, it begins the moment that you step into everything that you are. It begins the very moment that you remember the scent of your own soul and it fills your entirety with a complete satisfaction. That is when you begin to live. That is why you chose to come here… that is why you made the choice to incarnate and live this existence… The ‘why’ that we mention above will only be known through the process of complete authenticity.

What is authenticity? Authenticity is understanding that you come first. Yes, you. No, this is not a selfish act, this is the act of self responsibility and understanding that without loving yourself, how can you expect another to love you? Similarly, if you do not love yourself, how can you expect to love anyone else? You are the captain of your ship, you are the master of your destiny, you are responsible for everything that you are going through and everything that you ever will go through. Whether this truth be on a soul levelled decision or on a physical… it is all you. It is your choice to read this article, it is you who are making every motion in your life and it is only you who will carry the brunt, the karma, the consequence of it all.

Now that you are sitting up straight, and you have, hopefully digested the severity of carrying your own responsibility… why are you answering to everyone around you? Why are you giving into the wants, needs and slander of others? Here is an example from our own lives: Part of Algoths Grove’s mission is to serve the community, however, how can we serve our community if we do not look after our family first? How can we be of use to our family if we do not look after ourselves? It all begins with the individual, and it reverberates out into the world.

Authenticity means stepping into your weird awkwardness completely. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable in designer clothes and lots of makeup, however the public treat you differently… should I care? No. The lesson in authenticity is to be you, inwardly, outwardly… why? Because this is how and where you will step onto your soul path. You cannot find the soul path that completes you by being someone else. If you are a pagan because you think its cool, but you secretly long to go and bend the knee in the catholic church… then go into catholicism. Vice versa… if you are a catholic and living in the broom closet, then please grab onto your authenticity and step out into the world.

Questions that we get from following the authentic path range from, “but it will upset my family…” “I will lose my family.” “I will lose my friends.” etc. The problem here is that the soul map is not in place at all. A person asking these questions, which are most people, is attempting to live a lie so as to receive recognition from outside themselves. You should not be afraid of the outside, but be instead afraid of wasting the years away and having to repeat it, or worse yet, knowing that your human was too weak for your soul and so you never accomplished your life’s purpose. You are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. This flesh carcass is perfect for the path that you need to follow. Your personality is perfect. Your quirky imperfections are perfect… you dear soul are perfect to instill the change and move the world in exactly the way that you need to.

Live your life by your souls purpose, begin right now. Begin with thinking what you want, being who you are and walking the path that you are meant to, because right there all those empty places within will be filled with a perfect smile of contentment and the knowledge that you are led by spirit… you are perfect, and you always have been, now let us see authentic souls… Bless you beautiful one.

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  1. I did not really begin living life until I found the courage to stand tall in my power, and embrace and honour my authentic self. Bless you, dear ones, for this beautiful piece.


    • Bless you too dear beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thank you for your support. Much love and many blessings to you!


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