Witchcraft of the self – an eclectic path to enlightenment

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The path is planned and plotted by you…  The purpose is forgotten so that your work in forging the path will make you remember.”

All of us look for mentors, or are given them at one point or another. These mentors, good or bad, have a purpose, they have a mission to push you forward to what we have called: “Witchcraft of the self”.

Witchcraft is nothing more than understanding yourself in your entirety. That means you understand how you work, what makes you tick, what makes you beautiful, what makes you ugly, and what you are meant to do in this life. It by default then teaches you how your surroundings can be and are manipulated by your own thoughts and actions. How you are truly the master of your own experience. You have created the life you live. You have chosen to walk the path and be subjected to both the cruel and the beautiful. It is all you.

A mentor is not a friend, however a friend can mentor you. A mentor is not someone who holds your hand through the dark passage and a mentor will not protect you from the monsters in the middle of the night. A mentor will invoke change within you. A mentor will shove you into difficult decisions to teach you valuable lessons, over and over again. A mentor will disappear the moment, the student becomes the master and enters into “Witchcraft of the self.”

Witchcraft of the self is a birds eye view from the spirit. It grabs hold of every energetic tendril that has ever touched your being and it uses this wisdom and the lesson of it without the emotion to place you in the seat of enlightenment. The path begins long before the entrance onto this path, but once your eyes open to this path, you will know within every fibre of your being who and what you are. You will understand YOUR TRUTH. The irony is that there is no truth, only your own. This truth is the pathway to your enlightenment. Reaching Godhead, raising your kundalini, grasping on power and playing in the park of megalomania will get you nowhere. It is the raw stripping that is brought about through intense suffering whether it be voluntary, like joining an ashram or walking out of a life where you have everything but feel that you are stagnating, or involuntarily through childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

These tendrils of energetic meeting are times in your life that stand out. They usually feature behind the scenes in your daily activities and they are your greatest flags to knowing who and what you are. The question needs to be what was the lesson? And not why did it happen to me? You need to understand that no path can remove the pain, no path can reverse the abuse, no path can bring back a friend or a loved one. But the path of “Witchcraft of the self” can begin to show you the map and remove the emotional ties, it can strengthen your core and force you into your own truth.

More than anything, this path is about finding out who you are and what your purpose is. It begins with being Authentic, it meanders through a thousand religions, spiritualities, mentors and so much literature until you realised that every single thing, even this article that you are reading is ‘man-made’. Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente birthed Wicca as we know it. Many took truth that they found in their hearts to ring true and moved forward with it, changing it into various traditions. Raymond Buckland sought to teach something similar to “Witchcraft of the self” and began Seax Wicca, ordaining the right to self initiate. He gave the freedom back to the souls. Initiation through a coven is a beautiful thing, but it is a regurgitation of another person’s truth. If you believe and resonate with that truth, then by all means follow… but the day where you lead your own path and speak the words that are dripping with your own truth will come… and that authentic day on the path of “Witchcraft of the self” is the day that you will see, meet and find those who believe and are born from the same path… you will then meet your true kin.

Namaste, Blessed be and skál!

© “Witchcraft of the Self” is a copyrighted teaching of Algoths Grove. Its teaching is open to all and all are welcome to find their Northstars within our Learning Centre. For more information send us an email – info@algothsgrove.co.za Join our community, find your feet, breathe from your soul.

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