The Theatre Act & The Soul

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“‘Tis a pity that many lose themselves in the theatre of it all and never taste the elixir of its magick…”

Welcome to the first entry of our highly opinionated, observational addition to our blogs… “The Witch’s Armchair”… today’s blog is all about the theatrics of witchcraft, the need for it, but the questioning on why some people remain within it and actually become the facade…

Triggers are important, in fact they are a necessity to coax the subconscious into the magickal frame of mind. What are triggers? Well, cloaks, robes, incense, ritual space, anything magickal that allows the practitioner to escape from the mundane. Drumming, music, dance, chanting, each one has a definite purpose and each one pushes you deeper and deeper into the state of your magickal self, which should, according to experience, bring you into alignment with the energies that you are working with and the magick that you intend to perform.

That being said, magick and fear within the non-magickal culture go hand in hand. It has become cool to scare the living daylights out of the muggles. It has become the life of so many witches and mages and pagans and Warlocks (I detest that word, it means oath breaker, that is all, it does not mean you worship satan or that you can read my mind) to dress the part all the time. You are a spirit having a human experience, why the sex images, why the need to pose? Look, don’t get me wrong, I love black clothing, dark makeup and my witchy items, but the theatre is reserved for circle, for ritual, for those that understand.

The joke is this… most of the old witch’s walk right by you in slacks and a t-shirt and you would never have a clue… why because you’re dressed like you ready for Samhain in 10 minutes and getting all the looks and the attention and can you heal? Can you read? Can you hold the energy of the circle? Or, my dear fellow soul… are you just an image?

Everything and everyone has it’s place, but do not forget that your work, your responsibility as a pagan / follower of the old ways is to assist in the greater scheme of things and not only to make the rest of us believe that you are cool… because we don’t. Those that study the craft seriously, all manners of it, reach a point of introspection where we realise that the magick lies within and by that I do not mean within the image. On the contrary… If you understand yourself, you will be able to assist others, if you love yourself, you will be able to love others… but if you are simply an image of a youthful bust and a portrayal of a dark queen or king, this will fade and the magick will never come… you will have helped no one and only thrown those who needed you away… because… mirror, mirror… who’s the fairest one of all?

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