I am a tree, and I like it

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Each being is unique, and the soul is too… self-identification with idols, spirits, animals and trees are part of the experience…”

Regardless of religion, humans identify with characters from old fables, they collect a hoard of identifying spirits, famous people, attributes and that list, that black box of beautiful puzzle pieces is what makes you. I once met a boy who believed he was a mermaid. I was young and stupid and I didn’t understand. This thought that I didn’t see his beauty makes me tear up as I write this, for in retrospect, he was the most real, most honest being. He completely accepted who he was, and he was a mermaid.

We scoff at those who are over the top, we find it peculiar, but we do it as well. I thought at the time that I was a crow. No, I didn’t look like one, but the crow was my being, and it engulfed me. The ladder is a spiral, and each rung holds an experience, holds a certain choice of identities. It is imperative that we allow people to be the mermaid, to be the shaman, to be the witch who scares the daylights out of the people, to be exactly who they need to be at that point. Acknowledge and accept. Why? Because whilst they are being who they are, you are allowed to be who you are meant to be. Change the design, and your focus runs into someone else’s life.

We are not here to change anyone; we are here to assist the people to climb the spiral ladder of being. There is no certificate, no big party and no cake. In fact, the further you climb, and the more rungs you experience, the thinner the air gets, the more you need to watch your words and do every exercise that you teach, the more responsible you must become. This climb I speak of is parallel to those just beginning the climb, and that is where the secret lies… No one is greater or lesser, no one is more advanced, some just have more rungs on the spiral ladder. The Christian in the shop who asks after your religion and scoffs at your pentacle, needs your Master Shifu inner peace, because they will go home and they will begin to identify… they will be opened to the mermaid, the crow, the tree and the soft breeze after church and they will know that there is more. Christianity has inner mysteries too… inner mysteries that run along the spiral ladder that we are climbing, and you are parallel to them.

Identification is natural and it is a necessity. To be lost in the beauty of the magic is a wonder I wish I could get back… however I am still doing it. I identify… and through my identification and my undying pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and the greater truth, I have found myself… but there are so many rungs on this spiral ladder that are left, so much more magic, so much more. I run parallel with you, I am no greater and I am no lesser than you beautiful soul… the greatest mystery is that you are me and I am you… as within so without… the intrinsic design of the cosmic web in which we are all spinning and participating is so incredible that being a tree and liking it is all part of the beauty.

So, if the girl down the road is an intense dark arts witch with thick make up and has an image that makes you feel funny, see her beauty and love it, if the boy on the bus is a mermaid, see the beauty and love it. Understand that you too are self-identifying and you too have someone who sees you and you make them feel peculiar, but stand proudly, oh, beautiful trees, stand tall and stand proud. Be in the beauty of the moment and self-identify with whatever you please… the only rule to this beauty is never take a life, never hurt a soul… never harm the world, for there is always a way around pain… and we can all climb the spiral ladder together as trees, fairies and the beauties that we are.

Time to branch out… xxx

***please take time to check out the art that we have used in our article of the incredibly insanely spiritually talented
Tomasz Alen Kopera

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