A question of belonging

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The vine creeps ever upward, alongside the walls, it creeps anywhere it can find a footing… do not aim to be like the vine, aim instead to be like the bird who soars above, and chooses where it lands… but always know in your heart, that without the vine there would be no place to land…”

It’s a big world, there are many paths that one can walk, many things one can choose to be… many choices. One thing that is true amongst all of this is that change is the only constant. The wheel of life will always turn. The path will meander up and down the hill and it will present you with moments of tears and moments of great joy. The animal kingdom is fortunate for the bird knows it is a bird (except the ostrich… ) *smile. But seriously, the dolphin knows it is a dolphin and lives its life out being a dolphin and not a tiger.

Humans on the other hand need to figure this out… we are presented with teachers and guides along our path who assist in the sorting process, but sometimes these teachers throw us off because they forget that you are an individual not a school of anything. Yes, the unicorn people will gallop together but not a single person who identifies with the unicorn will be the same as another. There are similarities, but in the greater scheme of things you must keep your individuality.

The feeling to find your tribe and to belong is a human necessity, but everything only lasts a season, why? Because you grow, you evolve, you change. Just like the natural world around you, you change. Your tribe may last years, and it may last weeks. Our evolution is daily, hourly. We are changing faster and faster and growing with an accelerated speed into whatever comes next. So where do you belong? Partners, friends and those you consider your tribe are really like water in your hands, you cannot hold onto anything and box it and own it. The only thing you own, is your own magic, your own self and your own being.

Living in the moment provides the sense of belonging that the human psyche craves, but creating your own sacred space and allowing the world to speed by whilst you busy yourself with becoming an eagle is what is of paramount importance. Do not ignore the tribe or what the heart calls for, but always remember that you only have you and your path… acknowledge the wheel turning and know that change is truly the only constant.

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